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is creating Instagram photos + stories, Youtube videos, blogs, and a book.
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About Fungineer Violet

Hi friend!

My name is Violet and I'm a travel and creative junkie.

True story: My burning man playa name is "Fire" and I am born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius, which is a fire sign!

I jokingly refer to myself as a Fungineer. I have a passion for creating truly unforgettable moments, and capturing and sharing those moments through cute and inspiring content.

I am inviting you to see the world from a fresh perspective and perhaps, in doing so, you can feel like everything in life is possible.

I enjoy sharing contents from my travels, health and fitness tips, drone videography, outings with friends, my cat, and quirky things that I love.

My favorite destination involves me lounging in a bikini with a coconut in a tropical, I love to bust out in spontaneous yoga poses and I believe that life is better when shared with good company.

#yolo and #livemybestlife
which is millennial talk for doing ridiculous things and sharing about it unapologetically.

I'm accepting Patrons who are kind, supportive, and can appreciate my bubbly personality. 

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