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About Funky16Corners

Greetings all!
Welcome to the all new, 2017 (and beyond) fundraising page for Funky16Corners.
This campaign marks the launch of the Funky16Corners Radio Network, in which the concentration of the operation segues from blogging to radio.
The Funky16Corners Radio Show has been in operation for 8 years, starting out on Viva Radio, moving to independent podcasting, and now launched as a live weekly show/archived podcast.
The Iron Leg Radio Show has been running on a monthly basis since 2011 as a podcast, and is will continue going forward as a monthly live show/archived podcast.
This year, the normal operating costs, including new equipment, the monthly expenses of server space now include the monthly live broadcasting fees.
We will be running the yearly Allnighter, but this year each new mix will be featured on the front page of for a week.
I've decided to move to switch from Paypal to Patreon to allow supporters of the shows to spread out their donation on a monthly basis to sustain Funky16Corners throughout the year.
Everyone that donates $12 or more (total, not monthly) will receive a swanky new, all-weather Funky16Corners Radio Network sticker, as well as a selection of groovy Funky16Corners items from the swag bank, including buttons, bumper stickers, etc.
As always, I appreciate your support deeply.
Keep the Faith