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Hello! Hello everyone!
We are two artist siblings, who are passionate about art, animals, writing and tv series and we are part of the group of Italian creative minds I Cactus di Fuoco.
We are also probably the most prolific artists who you have ever met! In just five years we have produced more than 9,000 artworks and several books.
We draw illustrations for stories and books, fanarts, furries, original characters, animals and much more!
But now we are growing and we are looking for a gain... support us economically would help us to continue to drawing, maintain a high rate of production and to help us do even better. And why not: get something for yourself!
What do we expect from Patreon? To get more freedom. That's very simple - the lesser we have to focus on earning money, the more we can focus on drawing comics and fanart that we both like.
We live in Calabria, South Italy, and here is not very simple to find a work... and if we find it, it's possible that it will be a full-time work that won't allow us to draw anymore! And we would like to make a living out of our passion, so we opened this Patreon. Also, we like animals: we rescued cats, two dogs (and now we have a female Maremma Sheepdog and a big mutt) and saved the lives of swallows, pigeons, snakes, bats and other creatures, but we don't have a lot of money, so we thought that making some through art could help us to save other creatures (yes, we will post a lot of animal-related photos ;) ). If you are wondering: yes, animals are expensive. Especially if they're not 100% healthy.

Until now, everyday we posted at least two artworks on our Deviantart page "FuriarossaAndMimma"
per day , but now we need some support to continue with this rythm and maybe being faster and produce more drawings!

And we don't have to forgot mentioning our great obsession, NBC Hannibal. Almost everyday, we posted a fanart on our Hannibal artblog, but now, for different reasons, we slowed down the rhythm.

If you're a fan of NBC Hannibal, support me economically will allows us to produce even more delectable fanarts... and you could also ask me requests for new drawings, of course!

Art is our job and we love to work on it. However, because commissions must always come first to pay things (WHEN we have commissions to do), our comics get neglected and go on frequent, long hiatuses. We don't want that and probably our fans don't want it too: we're hoping that we can make enough monthly through Patreon so we can ease back a little on commissions and focus more on updates and new original art.
We do not say anything else, leaving you alone to enjoy the pages!

▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀Our webcomics (an absolutely incomplete list) ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀
- Two Red Cats, a series of strips about our cats in real life (and their feline and canine friends). Cute and in full color!
-The Way of Legends: An anthology of the best fantasy short stories from "The Way of Legends", transposed into fantastic comics.  Apparently disconnected from each other and readable individually, but actually connected by a common thread that will lead to a large, explosive, final.

-Werewolf&Cannibal: A Werewolf and his (cannibal) psychotherapist. Who's the real monster? You decide! It's a series of silly comic strips loosely based on NBC Hannibal, but pretty awesome even if you don't know the show!

-FurryWorld: It's a sweet furry world! This will be a collection of all the short comics that through the years has been commissioned to us by furry fans from all the world, short stories or even just scenes (and especially battles!) with every kind of bizarre creatures.

We also write! Both fanfictions and original stories (but more original stories) together with a couple of other friends.

Unfortunately, they're all written in Italian... ma se siete italiani (o se capite questa splendida lingua) potete trovare le nostre storie qui:
We'd like to be able to spend more time creating new artworks and stories, and we'd love it if you could be a part of our project.
If you like our works and are interested in helping us expanding our art universe, become our patron!  (or support us buying something on our RedBubble: this is very appreciated too)
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Newborn of the pack
per month
Oh, the base support! Thank you. Every little donations means a lot to us!
Now you are a newborn of the pack!

Even one dollar per month (yeah, the price of a bag of chips!) can help, so you deserve a reward!

  • Free access to all the WIPs that I post (Patreon exclusive)
  • Free access to some of the tutorials/special content
  • Earlier access to all the free contents that I post (I post first on Patreon and then on the other platforms!)
  • Every three months, you can request a digital headsketch in black and white of a character of your choice, furry, alien or human.
  • Our gratitude, of course
Puppy of the pack
per month

For the price (about) of a bag of chips or of a drink per month, you'll receive:
  • Free access to all the WIPs that we post (Patreon exclusive)
  • Free access to the high-resolution original files of my best works! (almost all are Patreon exclusive)
  • Earlier access to all the free contents that we post (we post first on Patreon and then on the other platforms!)
  • A digital sketch in black and white or a traditional colored chibi of a character of your choice every two months!
  • An immediate colored headsketch!
  • The special .zip pack for patrons! 
Young wolf
per month

With the price of a pack of kibbles for cats per month (our cats will be happy!), here is your reward:
  • Free access to all the WIPs that we post (Patreon exclusive)
  • You can suggest the theme of the Hannibal sketches! When you want, yay!
  • Free access to the high-resolution original files of our best works! (almost all are Patreon exclusive)
  • Free access to all the colorable linearts (about 5 new colorable linearts every month, Patreon exclusive!)
  • Earlier access to all the free contents that we post (we post first on Patreon and then on the other platforms!)
  • A traditional colored  chibi every two month, character of your choice
  • An immediate colored digital headsketch! (One time only)
  • We will put your names in the "special thanks" section of the big projects and the complex posts on our blogs

$33 of $2,001 per month
This is "the ultimate goal": now we can live of our art (and buy kibbles for maybe another cat or dog)! So we can draw 24/7. Do you know what it means? Tons of extras, sketches, short comics, animal photography, novels and maybe even some video! Yay for more speedpaintings!
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