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About FursuitReview

FursuitReview.com is a website dedicated to showcasing reviews for fursuits, kigurumi, clothing, and other fashion accessories related to the Furry fandom.

To help others make informed purchases, FursuitReview exists as a database for customer-submitted reviews of these hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind items. The site is community-driven by customers choosing to fill in our review form and post their experiences.

Various fursuit review communities have existed, but all were hosted on art or social community websites and have fallen victim to sudden closure or creator inactivity. FursuitReview.com began in 2015 out of a desire for a stable, self-hosted space and frustration with the (then) current review community dealing with large inactive spells. The creator of FursuitReview.com (known mainly as "Bornes" ) has no formal training in web development, programming, or graphic design, which leads us to...

FursuitReview is a website constructed via heavily modifying a pre-existing CMS by a person who is learning as they are doing. As such, it does not function optimally, and lately is experiencing growing pains.

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  • Pays contractors.
    We look for volunteers whenever possible, but sometimes we need to pay outside help. You help us pay coders, developers, graphic designers, photographers, artists, etc., for content directly related to the FursuitReview website on an as-needed basis. We would also like to pay our volunteers too, occasionally.
  • Saves for future updates.
    Any money that exceeds our current needs goes into a high-interest bank account saved for future endeavors, including but not limited to site rebuilds/enhancements, business licensing, and associated fees that may arise. This money is saved for FursuitReview specifically and is not used for personal gain.

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