Jason Cardona

is creating Youtube animated series, and creative content.
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$9 of $8,000 per month
Im Jason Cardona
I am an animator/artist/innovator. 

With your help reaching 8,000  goal.  I will provide Animation, films, and creative content monthly to my patreons. 

It takes care of all the necessary production equipment, software, merchandise, and bills so that I can concentrate solely on providing you with the best work from my talents and imagination every month.

The goal sum has been calculated exact, to support the budget i need to make newer impressive work at a consistent pace.

Taking care of these production challenges will grant me the TIME and OPPORTUNITY  to learn new skills such as.......3D, film, photography, and (game development)  programming.

It has always been a dream of mine to be a creator of many things,

I know I can and I want it most in the world.

Let me prove it to you!

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