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Who says you can't get anything for a quarter anymore? For a mere $0.25/page, you get access to the Patron only blog where we publish the Future Girl comic in digital format.  I wish I could even go lower, and offer Future Girl just 1 page at a time, but Patreon limits tiers to at least $1, so this is the best we can do.  We'll publish in 4-page increments, no more than once/month.  Thank you for your ongoing support!
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You prefer paper, huh?  That's just $0.50/page.  You get the same benefits as Role Models, but once you've supported an entire issue (each issue is 20-28 pages, so 5-7 payments total) at this level we will send you the standard print version of the issue when its available.
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Don't need the paper? Donate for children to read!  You get the same benefits as Role Models (so you can read the digital version), but once you've supported an entire issue at this level (each issue is 20-28 pages, so 5-7 payments total) we will send a print version of the issue, in your name, to a Children's Hospital of your choosing.
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Born of Democracy… Defender of Free Will… The Future Is Watching.
After a fateful encounter one distant Halloween night, Future Girl discovers there’s more to being a hero than a flashy costume or billowy cape. Aided by her faithful sidekick – the ever anxious Steadfast – and guided by The Horologist – an ancient and mysterious clock maker – Future Girl stops evil in its tracks no matter where or when it may strike. She is a warrior for truth, a beacon for justice, and defender of the human spirit.

These are the adventures of…

Welcome to the Future Girl publishing page!
This is the ONLY place where, in addition to supporting Future Girl, you can get early access to new pages before they go to print.

Future Girl is an all-ages indie comic (yes, suitable for ALL ages, from 1 to 100+!), created by Ross Dannenberg, written by Jenn Arledge, our principal artist is Miranda Davila, coloring by Tanya Bobrowski, and lettering by Nikki Sherman (it takes a village, am I right?).

Future Girl was inspired by a single photo taken by photographer Stephen Laico at the Women's March in Washington, DC, on January 21, 2017:
Who is the girl in the photo?  I don't know. What is her story? I don't know. Where is she now?  I don't know.  She's just a young girl... but she's also the future that is watching us, watching our world, watching our society.  She is a superhero for taking a stand for something she believes in, and it's incumbent upon us to shepherd this world into her care.  This struck a chord with me, so I reimagined her into that superhero, a superhero my own kids can look up to, and these are her adventures... The Adventures of Future Girl!

Check out our reward tiers, and support us on this journey any way you can.  We've chosen Patreon as our publishing platform, and you can read Future Girl online for as little as $0.25/page!  Yes, we realize you can buy a Marvel or DC comic for $3.99 for the entire issue, but keep in mind you're supporting an indie comic, not a commercial enterprise.  If we ever get that big, we'll certainly remember and take care of our early supporters.

THANK YOU for supporting us (and congrats on reading this far!)
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When we achieve $10/post on the Patron only blog, we will publish pages 2-5 of Issue 1 (page 1 is free for all to read).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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