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Hello! I make useful software and I'd like to make it available for free for everyone to use.

What I make

  1. Hanging Todo – a to-do list app for tasks to be done immediately, and for organising tasks, shopping lists and checklists.
  2. Sanebar – a super fast launcher and toolbar utility for Windows.
  3. Screenshot YouTube – take a screenshot of any YouTube video with one click – a Chrome extension.
  4. Gongfu Tea Timer – a super simple gongfu tea timer mobile web app.
  5. Download Tumblr raw images – Chrome extension: one click Tumblr full resolution image download.
  6. Helmholtz Pitch Notation Converter – convert between Helmholtz and scientific pitch notation instantly.

For developers

  1. Getting started with OS development on Windows – in assembly and C/C++ (GCC)
  2. ZTemplate.php – Super simple PHP templating library
Past projects
  1. Readable TVTropes.org (2014) – a Chrome extension that made TVTropes.org readable and nice-looking before its 2016 redesign.
  2. eBay.com Currency Converter (2010) – a Chrome extension that displayed your currency besides USD, before eBay added this functionality to their website.

My principles

  1. No malicious code – no malware, no viruses.
  2. No spying, no tracking.
  3. No ads.
  4. No distractions – no popups, no unwanted notifications.
  5. Free for non-business use.

Why support me?

Even when making apps that are 100% free, there are fees and expenses involved with making them available, without even considering my living expenses:
  1. Chrome Web Store: $5 fee.
  2. Apple App Store: $100 yearly fee.
  3. Microsoft Windows Store: $19 fee.

Thank you very much for your support!

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