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Suspects the Conspiracy

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  • Black and white or raw scans of comic pages
  • Clean colors (textless) of comic pages

Believes the Conspiracy

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  • Lineart Redraws 
  • Design references and Concept work
  • Phone Backgrounds (early access)
  • "Rough drafts" of songs (A partial song done to decide where I might go with the concept)

Abducted by the Conspiracy

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  • Redraw Colors
  • Pixel WIPs
  • Desktop Backgrounds (Early Access)
  • Completed song concepts (still rough mixing, just the full song)




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About GDG Productions

I need to streamline this description and make it more accurate so here's some bullet points until I get it prettier:

The main things you will find here are for my comic projects and game related work for a handful of concepts that haven't yet released.

You can find the major comic, The Law of Purple, on Comic Fury; it's a somewhat comedic slice of life space opera, I consider it appropriate for older teens and up, and I started it in 2004 so the art evolves rather drastically over the course of its run.  

My other longform comic, Alien Revenant, is currently on hiatus; one of my first goals is to be able to work on it again.

A shorter and tighter work in progress is Eclipse Knight, a biopunk drama about genetic modification and a loose grip on reality.  It can currently be found here but I'm going to move it to its own Comic Fury site once I've got the second chapter moving.

Finally I also have a longform Yugioh fancomic called Yukai no Yugi but I'm not posting things for that here because it strikes me as a dubious move, haha

The major game I'm working on is titled Three Realms and it's a fantasy adventure RPG about girls in love.  There's other works in progress on that front but until I've sorted my description out you'll have to patronize me to find out what most of them are.  Them's the shakes until I've rewritten this thing better.

$150.59 of $300 per month
For buying a new art laptop, which will allow me to work more comfortably and "on the go."
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 556 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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