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The right to name a character in the GEB universe!

We reserve the right to reject all inappropriate names, and will communicate up to 3 times until an appropriate name is provided.  We reserve the right to only allow you to give us either a first or last name.  It should also be noted that not every name will appear in a novel, but they will all be part of the GEB Census Report, among other additional publications!  Novel names will be decided upon a first come first serve basis, providing they fit the context of the character in the story.  This number may expand, as with 5 generations on the Island of Geb, there is plenty of room for naming ancestors.  Contact for more details.

Regardless of where the names appear, this is a great gift!
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About GEB Fantasy Project

Imagine a world filled with magic, ruled by Giants who took what they wanted, and laid waste to everything they saw! When disaster hit, they left for the stars, leaving a magical race of people to defend and cure the mess they left behind. The Gigans promised to return when the world was healed, causing strong political divisions with the custodial race.
It's been over 100 years since the Gigans have gone, and the island nation of magically endowed people are faced with their pressing return. Plants, animals and insects have since thrived, granting them an enlarged presence on the planet. These enlarged and now giant animals, have resulted in avianators who ride the backs of hawks, and squirrels who are used as pack mules.

What will the people on the Island of Geb do? Will they try to explore the planet, and stop the return of the Gigans? Will they prepare it for the return? Or will they keep the planet in a state of disaster to discourage the Giants' return?


Hi, everyone!

My name is Kevin and I'm building a fantasy world for our world!

Every dollar you donate helps me to create another image, write another page, pay for convention appearances, etc... This seed money will allow me to reach more potential readers, in order to build upon something you have helped to sponsor!

In exchange, you may receive special acknowledgment, stickers, mugs, special signed and printed editions, clothing, or even be made directly part of this wonderful world!

The full intention of our project:

GEB is a Non Profit project based on a fantasy series begun by two people. After David McRae passed away, Kevin Conner was left with the rights of all aspects of the universe he had created. The dream is to involve readers, families, young fans, as we tell a story of Magical People trying to save the world, and use the money that is raised through sales to donate directly toward education and conservation efforts.

What does Non-Profit mean? Well, it means we are going to try to help projects, like save the tigers, by raising awareness, donating some money from sales, all that good stuff! We want you to participate!

In addition to donating fan artwork under our open ended contracts, you, too, can help name people and places in the fantasy world of GEB! Have you ever wanted to see a character you created in print, and for a good cause?! Do you want to participate in the creation of a new world?! This is your stop!

If you can't donate money, then try participating with us on facebook! You, too, can be part of our great adventure, regardless of whether or not you wish to donate money.

The legalese is as follows:

* We believe strongly in the safety of children, and follow strict COPPA guidelines. Do NOT distribute any major identifying information about your kids when participating with us! We will reject such information!

* If you want to name a character, we will accept first names only! Do not submit first and last names, unless requested. In either case, they cannot be your first and last name. We suggest making up a last name suitable for the adventure.

* We have the right to refuse any names we feel are not keeping with a family friendly atmosphere. “Bendover” will not be accepted, but “Ben” would be. If you question whether or not your name will be accepted, please contact us first.

* Do not submit scripts! At some point we WILL be doing fan story (fan fiction) submissions! That point is not now.

* If you wish to submit fan artwork, keep this in mind – We do not accept cosplay photos (yet); We do not accept anything that is not family friendly; We WILL report any illegal material to the authorities; We will not accept copyright infringed work. To find out more about our Open Ended Artistic Content, please visit our official facebook site here:

* What we will accept – Anything original and family friendly! YES, this means if you draw a scribble on a notepad, or if your 8 year old decides to draw their first work of family friendly fantasy imagery, we will accept that, right alongside a professional sketch by a long time artistic veteran. Anything family friendly that is made with love, is the artwork we would love to promote!

$0.95 of $20 per month
Every sketch we purchase from a professional artist costs us about $10-30. When you donate, you help us raise money to bring our world to life! Every new sketch, every new image, gives you more insight into the fantasy world of GEB!

Each of these goals receives money based on our internal allocation process, or specific donor requests.  Some goals may not yet be visible due to benchmarks, despite us working toward all of them simultaneously.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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