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GIRLFORUM* is an intersectional and intergenerational network for artists and art workers, challenging the current conditions of the art world through a model of care, generosity and mutual support. It was started in November 2017 as a direct response to revelations around sexual harassment in the art world – with the name referencing those at Artforum magazine in particular. 

All our activity (including our digital journal GIRLFORUM* Monthly) is completely unfunded and we have been relying on the generosity of those who share our aims and are prepared to give up their time to work with us.

In order to successfully apply for Arts Council funding (which we are currently working on), we need to raise a proportion of the money we are asking for from sources other than the Arts Council itself. If you've enjoyed GIRLFORUM* Monthly so far, we're hoping you'll be able to help us achieve this aim and expand the scope of our activities. 

If we can raise the funding required, a programme of knowledge exchanges and panel discussions will feed into a one-off (square) journal referencing the format of Artform, commissioning additional texts to document a critical response to the current structures we are all working within. GIRLFORUM's wider aim is to help administrate a larger network of like-minded groups fighting the economic precarity endemic to the art world and the sexist, racist and otherwise othering perspectives which persist within it.

All funds through Patreon will go towards the general administrative costs of running GIRLFORUM*, all of which will be published on our website. Supporting us with a monthly donation will help us demonstrate the viability and importance of our project to the Arts Council – allowing us to make our network a productive and supportive space for artists and art workers who are disadvantaged by the current context.

We massively appreciate any donations you're able to give.

Many thanks,

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