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Pledge what you think it is worth to receive each episode of GM Word of the Week. Anywhere from $1.00 to $1,000,000 (No really, we'd totally accept a million dollars. Taxes be damned). In return you will receive the following:
  • Access to patron-only content and Patreon Forums.
  • Transcripts of each episode going forward
  • As early access to each episode as we can make it (production and real-life complications notwithstanding)
The Loquacious
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Once a month Fiddleback and The Angry GM will announce a date and time to Patrons at this level. At that time we will open up Discord, provide a link, and make ourselves available to chat and answer questions, take suggestions, etc. (Naturally, you will have to have access to Discord yourself.) The date will be known at least 3 days in advance and chats will run about an hour in length.

In addition, as a member of this tier, you will be able to watch the very exciting process of creating an episode of the show each week. Thanks to Discord's live streaming feature, each time an episode is being put together, it will be available for you to watch live and comment on the series of errors, edits, and behind the scenes belching that occurs as a regular part of making the episode. Usually on Sundays, but sometimes Mondays. Join us!

  • Access to a monthly Discord Chat with Fiddleback and The Angry GM
  • Access to live streams of show production.
  • Plus all previous rewards
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So, I hear you like podcasts, eh?

For a $10 pledge, I will put another podcast in your podcast. Yes, that's right. You heard me. A Podcast. In your podcast.

Each month I will produce a short episode (roughly 5 to ten minutes) of additional information about one of the topics we covered in the previous month. Exclusively for $10 supporters.

It could be anything. More science? More mythology? An amusing anecdote? Interesting tidbits of fact that fell by the wayside? Who knows? 

At $10 an episode you will receive:

  • A special additional mini-episode once a month
  • All previous awards

Includes Discord rewards




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About Fiddleback and The Angry GM

This is GM Word of the Week and I'm Fiddleback.

I've opened over 200 episodes with those words and, along with The Angry GM who does the writing and research, explained the context, history, science, and more behind a whole host of words that GMs and players of Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs around the world have encountered in their games.

It's been a long, sometimes strange, journey. We've explained why the Catoblepas is real but misunderstood; why Bards aren't really Bards; taken you sailing to New Zealand looking for Crepuscular rays; settled the debate between Kobolds and Bullywugs; taken a good look at Displacer Beasts; given you context for things truly Eldritch; discussed Katanas, Dragons, and the City of Brass; explored the planar realms; wondered about Mayonnaise; and covered a whole Cosmos of things you need to know.

While we are it, we give you some hints and helpful suggestions about how to incorporate all the real world knowledge we gain into your games. The actual science, history, mythology, religious practices, and word origins help to enhance your table top gaming.

We're looking for even more words to spice up your games with. We love it, this is exactly the sort of thing we'd have used in our own games had it existed before now.

But now it does and here we are asking you to help support us. To help us keep making the show you've come to love and to learn from. Without your support, we'd have a much harder time making the episodes and getting them out to you. If you like what we do, if you want to see us keep doing it, this is your chance to help make that happen. Every little bit helps. Select a pledge level and let's get started.


We'll be charging on a per episode basis. At the end of the month your pledge total will be calculated and billed. This way, you only get billed for episodes that actually come out, so if complications arise and we can't get an episode to you you aren't charged for it. You can also specify a maximum total pledge for the month, meaning you are in full control of your pledges and don't get surprised. We release one episode each week, so plan accordingly.
$318 of $400 per Episode
$400 per episode? Is this even possible? Tease me not.
Well, security is assured. One of us has very nearly a full-time job making GM Word of the Week happen. We'll enter into a situation that makes it easier to create the show without interference.
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