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About GRAI - folk metal band from Russia

The band was created in July 2005.
GRAI (which means a bird cry) is a folk metal band from the very center of Russia – the republic Tatarstan.
From February to August of 2007 the first EP (demo) entitled “Ot Istoka” (From the Source) was recorded.
During the period from February to June of 2008 was recorded the band’s first LP – “Polyn’ – Trava” (“Warmot the Bitter Grass”), which was released by the Russian label Volh Records.
On the 27 of September 2011 the band released a new album entitled "O Zemle Rodnoy" (“About Native land').
In September 2012 the band signed a contract with the Dutch label Vic Records, which re-released the band’s album “O Zemle Rodnoy” (About Native Land) including bonus-track “In the arms of Mara”.
In 2013 the band went to the first tour abroad. 10 concerts were held in Poland jointly with such bands as Dalriada, Alestorm, Radogost, Percival Schuttenbach, Cruadalach.
On the 26th of October 2013 the Dutch label Vic Records re-released the first album “Polyn’-Trava” (“Warmot the Bitter Grass”). At the same period the band shot the first official video for the song “In the arms of Mara”.
In June 2014 Grai signed the contract with Noizgate Records (Germany) on publication of the third full-length album «Mlada». The album was released in October 2014. And in September-October the band went to the European tour together with another Russian band SatanaKozel to present the new album.
Right after the tour the Brazilian label Völuspá Records proposed the band to reissue the album "About Native Land". The album was re-released in December 2015.
During 2016-2017 the band has been working on the new material keeping track of the concerts.
On December 1, 2017 the 4-th LP entitled "Ashes" was released by the label Noizgate Records (Germany).
At the turn of May 2018 there was a premiere of the video for the song "Farewell", and on September 1, 2018 the premiere of the clip "Darkness with me" took place.
During 2015-2018 the band visited several festivals: Ragnard ROCK Festival (France), Festival-Mediaval in Selb (Germany), Rock for Roots (Germany), Hörnerfest (Germany), Słowiańska Noc Folk-Metalowa in Brenna (Poland), etc, as well as many concerts in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, and other European countries.
At the moment the group is getting up steam for its first visit of South America. 5 concerts are planned and confirmed: 17.11.2018 - Bogotá (Colombia), 22.11.2018 - Buenos Aires (Argentina), 23.11.2018 - Porto Alegre (Brazil), 24.11.2018 - Curitiba (Brazil), 25.11.2018 - São Paulo (Brazil).

“От Истока” (EP) – 2007, self –released (“From the Source”)
“Полынь-трава” (LP) – 2009, Volh records (Russia) (“Warmot The Bitter Grass”)
“О Земле Родной” (LP) – 2011, Sound Age Рrod (Russia) (“About Native Land”)
“About Native Land” (LP, reissue) + bonus-track – 2012, Vic Records (Holland)
“Warmot The Bitter Grass” (LP, reissue) - 2013, Vic Records (Holland)
“Mlada” (LP) - 2014, Noizgate Records (Germany)
“In the arms of Mara” (vinyl-compilation) - 2014, Spirit of Ancestors Productions (Czech Republic)
“About Native Land” (LP, reissue ) - 2015, Völuspá Records (Brazil)
“Mlada” (vinyl) - 2017, Noizgate Records (Germany)
“Ashes” (vinyl) – 2017, Noizgate Records (Germany)
“Ashes” (LP) – 2017, Noizgate Records (Germany)

Music, arrangement by GRAI band:
Irina Zybina – vocals
Aliya “Leta” – flutes, bag-pipes, jew's-harp, vocals
Danila Pereladov – bass
Vitold Buznaev – guitar, growl
Ilnur Zarev - drums
Ruzveld – guitar

Official pages:

[email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 49 exclusive posts

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