G. S. Davis is creating Witches of Flame and Springs

White Level

$1 /mo

White Level: You are my Patron! Thank you! You are part of something awesome here! :D

Pledge Wall Level

$3 /mo
Pledge Wall!  This is the pledge level where you get your name on my Pledge Wall which travels with me to conventions.  More importantly, this level and higher will be part of the people printed in...

Orange Level

$5 /mo

A patron at this level not only is on my “Patron Wall” but gains access to the main Patreon feed and you get a high quality JPG sent t...

Green Level

$10 /mo

Awesome! This is more the Level of Audio! I'm changing it to be about AudioCasts now.  I will be starting a series of... not podcast...

Black Level

$100 /mo

I shall cry for you... no, really, I'll cry and speak your name with great love and care, as if invoking a charm. Also at this level...