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About GTAO Vlogs

Welcome friends, this Patreon page is here to generate funding for the continuation of the GOLD, TREASURES, ADVENTURES, & OUTDOORS, GTAO VLOGS, channel.  To help the channel and contribute $1 or more per month please click the "BECOME A PATRON" button, choose a support level, and follow the easy set up to create a free account on Patreon.  We also offer Pay Dirts & Concentrates from our GOLD mining as REWARDS for some Patron levels.  To learn much more, read below and PLEASE SHARE this page with your friends, your groups, and to help publicize our channel.  Sharing is caring and will help tremendously!
Big thanks and Happy Hunting Friends!!  Aaron

The Patreon service is paid a very small percentage of each contribution and they provide a great service to a creator like me and a secure method of transaction for our supporters. Thank you Patreon community!

First, you may support the channel by Subscribing and Liking, Commenting on, and Sharing our vlogs to help us grow.  We have never expected financial help yet, as it turns out, it has helped from the beginning.  Thank you Patreon Patrons!

GTAO Vlogs has several areas of interest and Adventure.  We are fascinated with the search for Space Rocks, meteorites, Old Bottle Dumps and Historic Relic Recovery, Minerals, Fossils, and of coarse Gemstones!!  Metal detecting on land and in water in assorted locations, near and far, is a passion and activity we love and want to pursue!  Prospecting and mining for precious metals is what, in recent years, we have done the most!  For the most part, these pursuits all share in common the outdoors, nature, travel, usually off road travel and camping!!  We are also interested in off-grid living, camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing and treating plants and animals with reverence and respect while protecting the environment in general.  So with combination of these elements, we have begun GOLD, TREASURES, ADVENTURES, & OUTDOORS VLOGS or GTAO Vlogs!!  Thanks For Coming Along!! 

Prospecting and mining for placer or lode gold with hand tools before actually locating a workable mine or deposit is costly, difficult due to weather challenges, hard work, and unpredictable.  There are dangers involved and regular and unexpected expenses.  Additionally, I am limited in many ways by prohibitive regulations from state and federal agencies and limited personal capital.  To help fund this work I started creating videos as a way to share these adventures and develop contacts with some viewers who may want to help support these goals and the channel in various ways including buying GTAO Vlogs Pay Dirts and Concentrates from Dry Washing so they can pan or process for gold at home too like they see in the videos.  Afterwards, I found Patreon which is another tool to help fund this work and these goals and dreams.  From the beginning, prospecting with hand tools has not been a financially fruitful, in fact the opposite, but I have hope and I have gained much knowledge and many pieces of equipment to keep working towards starting my own mine and or a small scale commercial mining operation.  Thanks to the internet, YouTube, and Patreon, I am reaching out for financial contributions of any size from the viewers and supporters of the GTAO Vlogs channel.

Please see the website for direct financial to GTAO Vlogs contributions using PayPal if you prefer.  As well, we are seeking product and service sponsorships from related and interested companies to have products used and placed in our videos on a regular or less frequent basis.  We feel that the quiet product placement and use with some subtle text on the video speaks to our viewers in the most authentic way.  Authentic is what we are too.  Thank you, the help is appreciated. 

After a career working in all aspects of direct care for elderly people in a small residential facility environment, I am now an aspiring gold prospector and miner, inventor, treasure hunter, adventurer, ...and internet video creator.  Our initial goal is to fund the ongoing creation of these treasure and travel vlogs for our viewers.  The direct sale of our finds and other products will be used to help fund this project and we aim to develop various GTAO Vlogs' sponsors to further support and fund continuation and growth.  
For those who are able and want to help, become a Patron of GTAO Vlogs for $1 or more per month, thanks!  $3 per month or more Patrons will have access to all full length videos and other Patron Only rewards.  There are different support levels for Patrons and you are not obligating yourself to any level of support by clicking the button.  Click "Become A Patron" to read about them.  Thank you.

  • Patrons will benefit from helping us to continue creating our original programming and supporting the future plans and goals and seeing the progress!
  • Patrons will be able to view "Patrons Only" posts, contests, information, videos, tutorials, behind the scenes footage, photos, giveaways, and other fun and interesting ideas!
  • Some Patrons will want regular shipments of our Pay Dirts or Concentrates from Dry Washing to process or pan at their convenience at home!
  • Some Patrons are going to want to meet up for a group camping and mining meet and greets or meet us at another destination!
  • and Some Patrons may have other ideas and suggestions about how to get involved or GREAT ideas for get-togethers, partnerships, etc!!

A short term goal we have is to first build, and buy different dry climate "small commercial operation" type equipment and machines so we can process significantly more material, recover more gold, and grow and continue to expand.  These will be mobile wash plants and units which we can move as need be.  Secondarily, similar type machines for processing material in places where there is water to recover placer gold and further fund the operations.  Many of the items are redundant but some are not.

Also into the channel, we want to incorporate travel and treasure hunting with metal detectors on land and in shallow, beaches-bays-lakes, and deep water situations! These will likely be travel and destination videos and be a series of videos for each trip.  We will be sharing these trips and the finds on the channel and sell many of the finds to our audience first or where we can. 
Along the way, we are also interested in meteorite hunting, fossil, and gem and mineral location as well and relic and bottle digging.  We want to share these adventures with the viewers by creating family friendly, educational, well edited and entertaining videos.

You may also know someone with a product, service, or a retailer who would like to do various types of sponsorships with GTAO Vlogs.  We also welcome and look forward to these types of opportunities so long as they directly benefit our viewers, subscribers, and supporters and mesh well with the video production and the work and travel we do.

Thank you and thanks for coming along friends!!
Until Next Time,
Aaron at GTAO Vlog
#gtaovlogspatreon, #gtaovlogs
Email: [email protected]

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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