Shaggy Siva is creating Gaming Videos & Entertainment

$1 /mo
AdBlock Absolution

Racked with guilt about using AdBlock but don't want to compromise and white list my YouTube/Twitch channels (really appreciate you guys who do that btw)?...

$5 /mo
Mini Q&A

Every month you get to ask me any 5 questions and I'll guarantee to answer them. If I can't answer a question you're free to ask another until ...

$10 /mo
Play Your GTA Track On Stream

Every month I'll create a playlist of races which will include one that you submit to me and I'll play through that playlist o...

$20 /mo
Personalised Commentary Over Your GTA Track

Submit to me one of your tracks on GTA Online and I'll make a 10-15 minute live commentary video about it. I'll ...

$30 /mo
Personalised Commentary Over Your Race(s)

Submit to me a video of a race you've participated in and I'll make a 15-25 minute live commentary video about it....

$50 /mo
If you have any "Youtube Video Series" Ideas that you want me to create weekly, Feel free to do so. Only if appropriate with my existing content, or perhaps even brand new ideas that you think i'm ...