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A Golden Icon on the Gamers With Jobs forums reflecting your awesomeness and support to the community. Please...

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Listen to The Pilot Episode of Gamers With Lives!
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Join the Small Council of The Game King on His Monthly Live Gaming Stream!

Only the inner circle will learn of the Game King's streaming plans so they may bask in his glory. Plus all lower tiers.

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Get a shout out on the GWJ Conference Call podcast!

Write a custom (short) message for us to read on the air. Or even record your own message! Plus all lower tiers.

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Alright moneybags, maybe we should talk.
If you maintain this level for a year we'll talk about what kind of cool feature or project you want us to do! It could be a Let's Play ...

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This is a one time fee, not monthly! Pick a game, any game, on the PS4, PS3, 3DS, Wii, WiiU or PC (that is still readily available for purchase) ...