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About G-Qu

G-Qu is a musical entertainer, working primarily as a composer and producer. He also moonlights as a DJ from time to time at various public and private events. 

In addition to being a musician, G-Qu enjoys volunteering in the community and has participated in different initiatives over the years, including spending time in the U.S., Mexico and Cuba. Along with ongoing music projects, his aim is to create an initiative that will donate profits to various charities in his community.

The goal of this Patreon project is to raise money to create a music community that will join in hosting non-profit events in the area.  Some benefits of being a part of this community will be merchandise giveaways and music events for both members and non-members.  It is with great excitement that you have been introduced and invited to take part in this initiative.  Thank you!
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This goal is to assist with the production of the musical content.  The artistic theme this movement is based on is a Sci-Fi feature production.
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