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About Gabriel Cardinal

Hi, My name is Gabriel Cardinal, known as CrabdominalPain and I'm a Character/Creature/ Designer! I love Deep Sea Sisters, Body horror, Micro-Worldbuilding,& Monster Designs. I've graduated in a Degree of Game Art & Design. I Love Crusteaceans, baby!
This Patreon is to alleviate and support me in my Freelance career, and to ensure I can continue to Birth Beasts and Manifest Monsters into the ether.
In addition, I wanna start using this as a World Building tool, & making ideas more coherent, seeing as I tend to write narrative ideas in vague poetics and cryptic citations. Some Worlds I want to build off of:
-We are the Harvest- Farmland of the bizarre, New gods are born, monsters roam freely, and heretics find sanctuary. If you're not a Guest, stay off the Farmers Property.
-My Senpai's a Flesh Construct?!- a Monster dating universe filled with experimental beings, cosmic horror, and coffee dates!
Bonus stuff I'm hoping to do if this kicks off with more peeps.
  • Audience Opinion- Asking YOU on how I can make a Design Better/Worse
  • Character/Creature Concept Work: Getting into the nitty & gritty of designing these beasts.
  • Creature Critiques- In addition to offering advice on art, if you send a creature/character design, I'll send back some constructive criticisms. 
  • Creature Commissions- at a certain pier you get the option for a monthly, simple, Black & White Commission to design a creature Idea!

Thank you so much for Your Support. It means A lot!
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Stress Relieving &Seaside Streaming
In addition to have a bit of grocery money a month I'll start streaming on Twitch or Picarto!
I'll also introduce another reward tier.
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