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Gabriela Montero's Creative Community

Creating "conscious content", in composition, pedagogy and publishing

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About Gabriela Montero's Creative Community

Dear Patrons,

Welcome to my "Creative Community" here on Patreon, which I have designed with a philosophical twist!

I always remember one particular fable from childhood, told to us by an old school teacher. There are two rooms, the fable went. In both, everyone had to eat with a giant spoon, several meters long. In the first room, people went hungry, because they couldn't figure out how to hold the giant spoon while feeding themselves. But in the second room, they ate to their heart's content, having quickly figured out that mutual benefit came from feeding each other!

Now, imagine if we could expand the message of this old story to help a whole community, here on this Patreon page, and not just to support my own projects. I use the word "conscious" when describing the content that I hope this page will support, because I feel a powerful urge not only to create and publish my own new works but, in doing so, to continue telling the stories of those who may be voiceless - like my fellow Venezuelans, for example - and to provide educational opportunities to students who may not have the means.


Now you know why the subscriber tiers on this page will be known as the Spoon Circle. Each level will involve a circle of giving and receiving, not a simple transaction between me and you, the patron. This means that, in return for special privileges, the patron will support the page, which will support not only my new creative projects as a composer, but also sponsor young students from the least privileged backgrounds around the world to receive my free masterclasses online. It makes no sense to offer classes to those who donate the most, when the people who need those classes are probably those who can least afford them.

In Mozart's and Beethoven's time, individual patrons would commission new works, and sponsor young artists. Today, the crowd is the new aristocracy. "Micro-patronage" is now possible, thanks to the virtual power of the many. So I hope you will enter this new circle of patronage, not only supporting me, as I use this time away from performing to create new works, but offering the next generation of creators the chance to sit next to me online, one-to-one, and learn.

Thank you, and welcome to my Patreon circle!

Gabriela Montero


Creativity lies at the core of Gabriela Montero's musical vision. A Grammy-nominated, Latin Grammy-winning pianist, composer, improviser and advocate for human rights, Gabriela Montero is globally recognised in the field of classical music and, in 2019, became the first female pianist-composer in 63 years to play her own piano concerto at Carnegie Hall, New York. In 2009, she was invited to play at the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Not content to build a career solely on the backs of bygone composers, Gabriela Montero typically devotes half of every recital she plays to her own, original music, often through improvisation. When asked by a journalist why she had composed "Ex Patria" (2011) - a work portraying the crisis in her native Venezuela - her creative manifesto was laid bare: "A musician must recall the past, comment on the present, and herald the future". Gabriela Montero was appointed the first Honorary Consul of Amnesty International for her human rights advocacy through music.

As a composer, Gabriela Montero would like to continue writing and publishing new works for her solo instrument, the piano, for other solo instruments, and for ensembles large and small.  We hope you will support her, a proven creator, in her efforts to generate the new musical catalogue of tomorrow, while offering her musical insights to the next generation of creators through dedicated masterclasses.

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