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This tier will contain all of the audios removed from YouTube for being just a bit too naughty ;)



About Gaelforce Audios - Sugar

My name is Gael and I am an Irish audio creator and author.

My main goal is to encourage you, comfort you, and bring you pleasure. I create audios that focus on helping you sleep, calming your nerves, making you laugh and maybe give you a tingle or two. 

This Patreon will include ALL of the content I have been forced to remove from YouTube AND I will continue to add new content as we move forward!

There will be ONE tier and the cost is only $1.00

You may have come here because of my YouTube Channel - "Gaelforce Audios."

While I made an effort to censor myself and respect the guidelines of YouTube, my channel was removed because some of my content was deemed too sexual for the platform. 

Fortunately, the channel has been reinstated, but the cost has been the removal of many of the audios I created that pushed the boundaries of what YouTube was willing to host.  As well, I need to be careful what I upload in the future at risk of losing my channel yet again.

This is actually the 2nd time this has happened to me. The first time was a few years ago, it was incredibly discouraging, and the loss of my channel back then nearly caused me to give up recording entirely.

But these days, I have a wonderful community of people like you who encourage and inspire me every day.  This time, the loss of my channel gave me the drive to create even more than I ever have!!

This summer, I will be leaving my daytime job to record FULL TIME.  While I am beyond excited to begin this new chapter in my life, the recent events have reminded me just how financially unstable it can be to be a YouTube content creator.  

I want to be able to create and not live with the concern that my content and livelihood could be removed in the blink of an eye.  Additionally, I want to make sure that the audios you use to help you sleep, get confidence, and gain comfort are never taken from you just because a platform changed its algorithm.

And so I've made the decision to open this Patreon.

This Patreon will include ALL of the content I have been forced to remove from YouTube AND I will continue to add new content as we move forward!  

There will be ONE tier and the cost is only $1.00

I wanted to make this as accessible as possible while being able to protect my content from removal.  I am very excited to have you here and for you to be able to enjoy ALL of the content I had meant for YouTube.

You may be aware I have another Patreon called "Gaelforce Audios - Spice" that contains erotic content.  I created "Sugar" for people who wanted access to my audios, but not necessarily the erotic versions.  You are of course are more than welcome to be a part of the other community, however, If you decide to join 'Spice', you must be at least 18 years old.

So that is how we got here!  And I am so glad you've found me.  I'm very excited to continue providing audios that will help make your day a little brighter.  That is the reason I do what I do and it means so much to me to be able to continue.

This Patreon WILL include all of the audios I had to remove from my channel. Thank you for your patience as I continually add and upload!  I have nearly 200 audios to reupload and as you can imagine, it may take some time to get everything up here.

But we will get through it together!

In the meantime enjoy yourselves and the community we've built!

One of the things I'm most proud of is how kind and supportive our community is. It is a place for all of you to feel safe to share your thoughts without fear of being judged or bullied.

We've gained so many people and I am incredibly grateful for that. This has become my workplace and I'm often inspired by the encouragement I find within the threads.
Thankfully because the people here are so lovely, I don't have to moderate very much or delete comments often. That is because of the positive and supportive nature of the group.

♥ As the community grows and new people join, I expect that all Patrons would embrace that same spirit of kindness. Follow the Golden Rule: "Treat others how you would like to be treated."

This is my workplace, I find respect (not only towards me but towards everyone) to be very important. I do not tolerate negative behavior and will not subject the community to it. So please feel confident posting your innermost thoughts in our little cozy corner of the internet! I care about all of you and it is very important to me that everyone here feels safe to be themselves.

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One thing to pay special attention to is when you post, be sure to choose "Patrons Only" - this will prevent your post from being visible to the public. It will help protect your privacy and the privacy of the other lovelies who will reply to you. ;)

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Because I get so many messages, it's easy for me to miss something. If you're having any issues with your Patreon or have a question that needs immediate attention, please use [email protected].

That will go to my PR, Sweetz. She will make sure your issue gets to me and handled for you! If you want to contact me directly you can use the Patreon app! I have the happy problem of getting a lot of very kind messages from you all. Because I do get so many messages, I may not always be able to reply. I do try to read everything!

Thank you so much for your passionate support!

Mo mhíle buíochas libh!!

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