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About Galactic Hunter

What is Galactic Hunter?
We are Antoine & Dalia, a couple who have been enjoying the dark skies of the Nevada desert for several years. Our little stargazing outings quickly transformed into a hobby for astrophotography. We began a quest to capture all of the Messier objects which turned into Galactic Hunter, a YouTube channel where we make videos about photographing Deep Sky Objects.
The main objective of our videos is to help other amateur astrophotographers reach new heights. We also try our best to reach out to the public, and show them that astronomy is much more than the moon and the few stars they can see from the city.

In our videos, we demonstrate how to photograph celestial bodies from A to Z. Our process often begins from our home in Las Vegas and the preparations, as well as precautions we take before adventuring out into the darkness. We also show the step-by-step instructions that goes in to processing each photo from our point of view.

Why make a Patron page?
Each Galactic Hunter video takes an enormous amount of time to write, plan, film, and edit, especially the main episodes. We are trying our hardest to make better and more helpful videos but it is simply financially impossible to work full time on it. On top of that, astrophotography is a very expensive hobby. Because we create videos and tutorials, we don't only need astronomy gear but also video equipment. Lastly, each image requires us to drive one hour out to the desert, spend one hour setting up, finally image, then the same amount of time to come back. We have been doing so hundreds of time, and the cost of gas adds up pretty quick.

This Patreon page was created for the sole purpose of being able to provide more and better videos for Galactic Hunter. Every penny will go to a piece of equipment that will be used to share our passion, teach amateur astrophotographers ways to do so, and also show others the beauty of the night sky.

Please take a look at the ways to contribute to the channel, and the rewards for each of the Tiers. We thank you in advance for making an impact on Galactic Hunter. THANK YOU!

Currently saving up for:
- ✅ Lavalier Mic (that attaches to a shirt) as the audio in several of our videos are badly affected by the wind.
- ✅ Used cheap Canon camera - That way we'll be able to do more DSLR camera tutorials
- ✅ An IR Cut filter - To reduce star halos when imaging with an OSC camera
- 3nm Chroma filters - This will have a huge impact on the quality of our images taken from our white zone backyard. L ❌R ❌ G ❌B ❌S ✅H ✅O ✅
- A 35mm lens for our videos

Antoine & Dalia
Galactic Hunter
50 - reached! patrons
When we reach 50 patrons, we will set up a live hangout for Patreons only where we will answer all your questions, astro-related or personal. [DONE] Quarterly live-streams now available. Link to join will be shared on our Patreon page a few days prior to the stream!
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