Jane Leglocked

is creating Animated Adult Stories and Interactive Games for Second Life
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Pictures and video of upcoming Ani and Video Stories plus tours of our Adult SIM :) 

Erotic CatBall CF Action
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Very Erotic CatBall CF Action pics and video 

Much raw crotch locked entwined action 

About Jane Leglocked

Erotic but Tasteful Art in a Decent Quality Story Presentation.  Unique and Original.  Some continuous story lines all in an amazing animated PDF format. Easy to download and share.
Custom Stories may also be available   One of our Principle continuous running stories is Philthy Phil and the GalaxiBabes.  We also have a very fun little Second Life Site/SIM you may access for FREE here The West Gallery
Soft fetishes are in the Story including your basic sexy hetero action, catfights, tickle, vampire, scifi monsters, girl girl, girl girl boy :)  and Aliens.  If you would like to learn more contact Jane AT Galaxibabes.com 

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