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Thanks a lot for every help.
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Every dollar helps to make our Video Game Art Contest possible.
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2 Dollars per month are already 24 Dollars per year, which is not too shabby as a prize for a 2nd or 3rd winner in our contests. 

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Help to get the site and future art contests funded and in return you will be directly linked via the random image widget on the right sidebar. For more info ask via PN here or Note me on deviantART 

Only 25 community members can be advertised. 




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Game-Art-HQ is both the community ( ) I founded on deviantART and administrate there since March 2011 and also the website which works as the host for our art collaborations, as a video game character database and a growing gallery of Video Game Art of all kinds.

I am Reinhold, the founder/webmaster/dood for everything and more important, a gamer since around 1987 who believes that creating, sharing and preserving video game related art is an important part that needs to be done by us the players. 

My part and work at Game-Art-HQ is to organize the art collaborations and contests in our group on deviantART as well as creating almost everything on

The Rewards? Can there be better rewards than seeing awesome video game artworks and knowing that they were both fun and a challenge for the artists but they also received prizes for them?

$15 of $50 per month
Right now we have around $30 as a Prize Budget for Art Contests.

Thats not bad but $50 would be much better for prizes like 30 dollars as the first prize and 20 for the 2nd winner.
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