Reinhold Hoffmann is creating Art Contests on Game-Art-HQ

Thanks a lot for every help.

$1 /mo
Every dollar helps to make our Video Game Art Contest possible.

S2 help more

$2 /mo
2 Dollars per month are already 24 Dollars per year, which is not too shabby as a prize for a 2nd or 3rd winner in our contests. 

Advertise yourself via

$4 /mo
Help to get the site and future art contests funded and in return you will be directly linked via the random image widget on the right sidebar. For more info ask via PN here or Note me on deviantAR...

Pay $5 of the prizes and your work will be featured+ more

$5 /mo
You get the S4 reward + you can choose a game character I will add to our video game character database if you support our art contests with 5 bucks per month!

Special Page for you every month you pay $50

$50 /mo
All of the rewards above+

You would get a special page featuring your works, company etc as part of the main menu on if you support our art contests with $50!