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About GameSaver/JadedWonton

Hi hi hi! 
The name is Saver and I make digital illustrations alongside graphic design images as well :00
Currently I'm in the process of trying to write stories pertaining to comics I hope to work on and release at some point in the future! 

Since of course the writing and illustration process is very time consuming, I figured it might just be best to start a Patreon for those who wish to support financially when it comes to taking on a task like this sort of.

What's in it for me? you might be asking:
Which is totally reasonable! if you pledge pretty much any amount of money, you'll gain access to patreon specific posts, primarily Work in Progress sketches, the likes of which I don't even send myself privately (owo), and also SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION VERSIONS of every piece I create and post on my main account. Twitter compression sucks, and I can't always send these things over discord because limits. but if you're willing to see them at all, they'll be here for you :D

Regardless of how you shake it, I hope you'll consider helping me out <3

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