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You're a Pimp!

$1 /mo
You gain access to the GSP monthly podcast, as well as the podcast backlog.

Food Pimp

$2 /mo
Now and then Emre will eat pasta or Aaron will drink a glass of whiskey and post a video of it. They will not speak, they will just enjoy it. Now that's a reward...

Party Pimp

$5 /mo
After YouTube live streams, you get access to our more personal, sometimes crazy "After Party," a special live stream for Patrons only.  Ask questions in the comments, and we'll reply.  Plus all pr...

Hangout Pimp

$10 /mo
Access to the GSP Discord where you, we, and other fans get together to socialize about anything and everything. Jokes, connections, and friendships are made here. At this level and above you also ...

Red Carpet Pimp

$20 /mo
Skip the line and get special red carpet treatment! You get early access to GSP videos that are done before their intended release date. From time to time you'll get extended or uncut versions of v...

High Class Pimp

$35 /mo
You're pimp nobility. You will get a funny shout out during our Patreon exclusive GSP podcast. Plus all previous rewards.

Mega Pimp

$50 /mo
You're a pimp of reputation and distinction. As such you will get to choose a subject for us to discuss during our exclusive Patreon GSP podcast. And we'll send you a signed GSP postcard! Plus all ...

VIP - Very Important Pimp

$100 /mo
Damn you're fine!  We'll put your name at the end screen of each of our videos for each month you are a patron at this level. If the end screen is not available you'll go in the description of the ...

Podcast Pimp

$250 /mo
You can join our Patreon podcast. It'll be the three of us plus you! You may also select some of the subjects we discuss. Plus all previous rewards.

Angel Pimp

$1,000 /mo
You're a pimp from heaven! Once a month we will play any game you want us to and make a video for our channel.
And if you want, you can join us on our monthly Patreon exclusive GSP Podcast.  Pl...