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About AggroPhene

"The Grey", a Tabletop Card Game...
...being developed in conjunction with the Graphic Novel.

 Elemental powers of influence are placed
in the hands of Creatures,
enthralled in the destiny of Mankind. 

Randomly acquire Elemental Mana 
in the form of colored Jewels. 

Allocate Jewels to
 seed the planetary home
that your Creatures manifest for Mankind. 
 The Player's Sphere.

 Harness forces of nature at home
 and combine with forces abroad
 to increase Elemental power. 

 Promote a cooperative ecology in Spheres
and share new horizons, as a stance against "The Key"; which is a fixed color sequence, Space must adhere to.

 The Objective is to avoid creating
dominions, consumed by extremes: 

 Either, landscapes devastated by Mankind (Chaos), 
 Or an improvisational vacuum, that exists in Space (Order). 

 "The Grey", is a Tabletop Card Game
enriched by new strategies and
card eligibilities, with each phase:
Dusk, Grey, and Dawn.

Play ranges; 2 to 5 players,
in games lasting 45 min. to 4 hrs, 
 depending on Phases played.

 AggroPhene has created music with
 Fantastical Characters explored by
 the following YouTube Music Video:

"Storm" by Industrial Artist, AggroPhene

 The Characters from stories, told in song,
 will be appearing in the pages of a
Graphic Novel.
 A visual platform for audiences
to get acquainted with characters
and facets of the Game's concepts.

 With your support; we can breathe life into these Characters, as they are forged in the Graphic Novel.
Born of the AggroPhene sound;
 nurtured by the audience to foster their physical form.

 We are the inventors of the Multiverse 
that "The Grey" operates upon, and where it lies.

 ...maybe a place you frequent.

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  • Deck of 72 Cards, ready for press and Print & Play version.
  • Jewels for $20 Patron rewards in stock and available for purchase.
  • Building the global artist community by working with Graphic Designers and Performance Media "Creators" here on Patreon, Kompoz and in my local area.  
  • Continued connectivity & reliable back-up location for media files (server storage space). 
  • Website Maintenance system for File access, deployment of Cards, Components, Tutorials and Patron Rewards.
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