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About Gamechamp3000

Who are you?
G'morning! I'm Michelle, better known as Gamechamp, creator of Youtube channel Gamechamp3000. I've been uploading videos to Youtube since 2007, and starting in 2017 have become more focused on releasing original content regularly.

What is your thesis statement?
"Make something that hasn't been made yet." Whenever I make a video, I start with the intent to bring something to the world they haven't seen before: something that has a reason to exist, and can contribute to the world. Whether that be through inspiration, information, or dumb jokes...ation.

What have you got for me?
The regularly updated series on my channel include:
  • VG Myths (formerly Hyrule Myths), a series that tests theories and challenge runs in video games that rethink how that game is normally played. Example: Beating a Mario game without jumping.
  • Dumb Fun Gaming, a fast-paced, skit-based comedic show running through the sillier moments of an entire game.
  • A Complete Look, a (usually comedic) look at an obscure game in its entirety from the perspective of someone playing it to completion.
  • Region Freedom, an informative show that takes a look at games that were never released in the West, and thus can usually never be played by an English-speaking audience.
  • Gaming Analysis. Rather than a "series," these videos discuss ideas pertaining to specific games or gaming concepts on the whole, rethinking how we view games and encouraging discussion among viewers.
  • Every Change To, a series which endeavors to list every change made during localization to a particular work. Currently, the series is limited to (and there are only plans for) the English 4Kids dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime, but I'm open to broadening the series in the future if something looks interesting.

Why Patreon?

While Youtube ad revenue is a potential source of income, it heavily relies on rote view count: a video that is viewed more will make more, regardless of the audience's opinion, and search algorithms encourage repetitive content. Through your contributions on Patreon, my income becomes more stable, allowing me to continue experimenting and making the videos I want the world to see.

The most rewarding feeling I get in life is seeing the response of those who watched my videos: both their response to the video itself and the discussion they have with eachother. This channel is my dream. If you're able and would like to help the channel grow, please consider making a pledge! Every dollar cements the channel's future, making the dream reality. Special thanks to all Patreon backers and every individual viewer for making these videos possible! ありがとうございますです for reading, and get out of my house~ <3
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