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Sheev And A Haircut

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It's your basic starter pack, folks. Give us a dollar and we'll be so happy that you exist. We’ll also send you a high-quality copy of our Sheev Palpatine shirt design.

Have More Podcast

per month

With just five of your human dollars you will have access to TWO MORE WEEKLY PODCASTS: Tom And Jeff Watch Batman & Fox Mulder Is A Maniac. You’ll also get exclusive access to our Discord server, including a special voice and text channel just for this tier. 

Includes Discord benefits

Come Play With Us

per month

Every Friday you will have to option to join an exclusive Discord voice and text chat with us (Tom, Dave, and sometimes other guests!) -- during which we will play games or watch movies while chatting with you and your fellow patrons. Weekly activities vary based on group consensus, and have ranged from playing Friday The 13th: The Game to watching Timecop. It’s random, personal fun! This also includes all previous tier rewards. 

Includes Discord benefits

Exclusive RPG Stream

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You’ll have access to a special exclusive role-playing stream. The stream will be recorded and released as a podcast series (Choose Your Own Misadventure) after a reasonably exclusivity period. Includes all previous tier rewards. 

Includes Discord benefits

Look At The Fancy Producer!

Limited (0 of 50 remaining)
per month

Become a podcast producer and get a personal shout out during an episode of HYPECAST! Plus you'll get a snazzy SHEEV MUG and regular sticker merch in the mail!

Plus all the rewards below!

Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Mug
Fulfilled by Patreon
WHOA! It's Sheev... but in MUG FORM. DRINK OUT OF SHEEV!

We Just Watched... (WHATEVER YOU WANT)

Limited (0 of 4 remaining)
per month

Pick any movie for Tom and Dave to watch and they will absorb it with their eyes and release a We Just Watched episode about it! 

Includes Discord benefits

Your Very Own Podcast!

Limited (0 of 2 remaining)
per month

Wow, you maniac! If you choose this tier we will create exactly TWO 45-minute long podcast episodes per month that ONLY YOU CAN LISTEN TO. What is the subject? Whatever the hell you want (within reason you pervert (but seriously we can refuse a subject based on the workload or content if we have to)). Want us to talk about whales for a month? You got it! Can’t wait to hear our hot takes on an episode of Quantum Leap? SURE WHY NOT? It’s all for you, weirdo!

Includes the $15, $10, & $5 tiers.

Includes Discord benefits




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About Gamefully Unemployed


We are Tom Reimann and David Bell, two strapping young stallions who spent our waking hours creating articles, videos, and podcasts for the website Now we’re streaming games and making a butt-ton of podcasts for your enjoyment! BUT WE’RE SO HUNGRY!

This is why we’re asking for your sweet, sweet dollars. Due to a massacre of layoffs from our previous occupation, our internet comedy family has been disbanded -- forcing a slew of talented people to wander the digital earth. Our solution? To gather these beautiful souls, sit them around a table, and live stream everyone playing board games. We call it "Gamefully Unemployed" because we're geniuses. And now we're looking for a way to not only sustain ourselves, but expand into a world-dominating empire of Twitch shows and podcasts. That's where you come in! We'd like to keep giving you a daily taste of all your favorite ex-Cracked personalities, but can only do so with the aid of wonderful people like yourselves.

You can find us regularly on our TWITCH CHANNEL as well as listen to our free podcasts on SOUNDCLOUD or ITUNES. We also sell T-SHIRTS!

Won't you help us entertain you?
$6,921.82 of $10,000 per month
Well this is just gratuitous. 

Look, if by some miracle we hit $10,000... well that would just be wonderful. It's hard to even imagine the specifics of how we would expand, but it certainly would include renting a studio tailored specifically for streaming games and shows. No doubt we would hire all our friends and never stop entertaining you for as long as time exists. 
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