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About GamerZakh

Thank you for dropping by! My name is Zakh and I run a YouTube channel about video games. I started my channel in 2011 and have tried my best, dedicating countless hours to improving the standards of nostalgic video game content—the quality and style of my vocals, editing and animation, and deeper research into reviews and journalistic coverage—to bring you the best nostalgic and informative gaming I can.

If you're considering supporting what I do that is hugely appreciated and I offer extras and bonuses for your enjoyment here on Patreon.

What I Create

► YouTube gaming content:

► Live streams on Twitch:

► A Discord gaming community:

► Written gaming articles:

► Foodie Tips videos specially for the 2nd reward tier upwards

► Jank Streamer Tips exclusive for The Creators reward tier:

What This Patreon is All About

Basically, this is supporting the creation of high quality positive & nostalgic gaming. Your support helps maintain and improve the quality and quantity of stuff being made while we build a chill and friendly nostalgic gaming community.

Here I provide extra content and behind the scenes looks at some of my production techniques along with exclusive bonuses with the aim to move away from relying on unpredictable ads. Ad revenue on YouTube gives me approximately less than 0.002USD per view, so it really doesn't amount to much. This also means that if you give 1USD it counts as 500-1000 views worth of ad revenue and that's a lot of power in your hands.

If you feel like supporting what I do (or you use AdBlock and would prefer to contribute in another way) then Patreon is the perfect place for that.

Nostalgia is my Specialty

I didn't start my channel specifically to be nostalgic but many of my favourite games are from my childhood and I still believe that they hold up to today's standards.

This doesn't necessarily mean retro games only or that I don't do new games either. Generally, my nostalgic period for gaming is from the mid-90s to early-2000s and I often cover new games that give nostalgic vibes or are a continuation in a series I love. For example, covering Civilization VI because I played Civ 2, 3, and 4 growing up, Stardew Valley for those Harvest Moon memories, or playing Tyranny because classic Western RPGs like Fallout and Neverwinter Nights were a big part of my childhood too.

I also always try my best to get the games modded into HD widescreen and to update the visuals and mechanics to be improved while still maintaining the original aesthetic experience that was intended by the developers, providing instructions on how to do so yourself as well. I like to imagine that the changes I make to the game would be what the developers themselves would do if they had the opportunity. This is most notable in titles such as:

Morrowind Overhaul


and the Abandonware Adventures series

Goals & Objectives

In the beginning I just wanted to make videos but now it's become much more than that. Together, we can build something that isn't very common—a nostalgic gaming community centred around all sorts of old games with a positive, for fun, attitude! Quite often, if you try jumping into an old game's community, newcomers don't always get the best of welcomes. This has led me to come up with a 4-point manifesto for the GamerZakh channel and The Zakhcolytes community:

1. Showing that old games can stand the test of time! Many older games are often as good and sometimes better than newer games, especially with a widescreen mod or a fan made remaster. Even if we ignore flaws due to our nostalgia, those ‘not so good’ games that are a part of who we are can still be special and interesting to look back on.

2. Proving that video games should be about having fun! Many out there would denounce a player for not playing 100% perfectly or optimally but I want to prove that it’s not always about being the ‘best’. Even at high levels of play, you can mess around, do crazy things, and have your own style, whether it’s in a single-player city-builder or in competitive multiplayer. They really are just video games and having fun should be the number one priority.

3. Fostering a knowledgeable gaming culture of positivity and responsibility! A positive gaming community is good for everyone in terms of sharing knowledge, learning skills, and grouping up to play some multiplayer games without toxicity, maybe even making some friends. We all should also be informed about the gaming industry and do proper research before buying into a new game, along with being able to talk about gaming issues calmly and open to new ideas to allow better understanding.

4. Gamers first, developers second, and publishers last! The games industry has grown to a size where there is anything from 1-person developers in an apartment to multi-billion dollar corporations. I promote the perspective that what's most important is protecting and defending gamers above all else. We, the gamers, are at the most risk of being deceived or exploited, so I maintain the principle of being a voice for us first. Developers are the ones who usually are trying their best to make great video games, so it's important to critique them fairly and call them out only when they have clearly made a mistake. Publishers are often the ones motivated by profit the most and influence or force developers to create things that are more profitable but worse for gamers. When it comes down to an issue occurring, whatever it is I side with gamers, then devs, and lastly publishers.

Some History

Prior to July 2015, I had run my channel in tandem with having a full-time job as a high school teacher. This was a time consuming and stressful undertaking. I limited my uploads to once a week but I still managed to squeeze a video out, though I had to give up much of my personal time. As the channel grew it began to get me some attention locally and I secured a few gigs that provided some extra side income. This gave me the opportunity to quit having a full-time job by taking a massive pay cut but giving me a lot more time to focus on content creation. In case you're wondering, teaching was an amazing experience and I loved the art of being an educator, though management was another issue and I decided to grow my career on a different path.

How much time do I spend working on the channel?

A let's play episode takes around 2-5 hours to prep, record, and produce. Special content like my Civilization VI videos take around 12-14 hours each to produce and things like my 24 Upcoming City-building Games video takes around 50-60 hours to complete, including research, music selection, script writing, resource collection, animation, vocal recording, editing, sound design, and refining all done by myself. I also spend about 5-6 hours live streaming every week. Responding to comments on YouTube, Tweets, Facebook messages, Instagram posts, and Discord conversations is part of my daily routine because I want to be a creator who's easy to reach and it keeps me in touch with your opinions. I also am constantly in tune with gaming media on Twitter to keep myself up to date and informed on industry news.

Any associations or possible biases in my work?

My channel has grown to a stage where games are occasionally provided for free or I am sent a review copy. If this is true, I will say so at the beginning of the video and at the top of the video's description.

I also have a referral link for Humble Bundle where if you use that link and buy something, I get a cut of the earnings at no extra cost to you.

I don't have many strong connections in the gaming world but I have had a prior partnership with Mortal Moments, the developers of Salem the Crafting MMO and I have received money from Mortal Moments in the past, though this is no longer active.

I have also been sponsored by LiquidSky. They run cloud computing tech that I've been interested in and they sponsored a handful of videos on my YouTube channel in 2017.

Should you give me money?

If you would like to help me achieve total independence to focus 100% on the channel and community then you could sign up for a reward tier, and I would be super honoured by your generosity! At the end of the day, it boils down to Patreon being where you support the work you like.

If you have come to this page and spent time reading, thank you! You considering supporting the channel directly is a big deal already. I would not be in the position I am now without your support and I can only try my best to continue improving the quality of my content for you to enjoy.

Have a lovely day!
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Surviving the Adpocalypse(s)
The exchange rate is in my favour and $800 is a 'decent living wage' where I live, which would pay for all work related expenses while supporting my family with a little spare to invest in new games and equipment. This would secure me from fluctuations in the algorithm and demonetisation. Currently, we are moving away from ad revenue and non-ad earnings are coming from Patreon, Twitch, and other smaller sources. With the current ratio, 45% from Patreon, 50% from Twitch, and 5% from others, the new Patreon target is $360 as we aim for a total of $800. Unfortunately, ads are required to keep things running and with demonetisation, copyright claims, adpocalypses, and things like COPPA, ad revenue is not a secure source of income. If this channel gets hit by an arbitrary ad disaster then it could mean the end of regular content, so this goal is to keep the lights on when disaster strikes.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts
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