Josh Mathews is creating Videos, Streams and Roleplaying

Pencil Moustache

$1 /mo
Get access to the blogs I post here and a special tier in the Community Discord. Also I'll love you forever obviously.

Fu Manchu 'Stache

$5 /mo
 - Above tier included

 - You get to see mini-vlogs from stuff I'm doing (warning: completely random quality ahead)

Horseshoe 'Stache

$10 /mo
 - Above tiers included 

 - Long chatty vlog access with Q & A segment just for you!

 - Your name at the end of my videos!

 - Your Character in my games! (Sims etc.)

Walrus 'Stache

$25 /mo
 - Above tiers included 

 - Priority to play games with me on Streams! 

 - You can make game and challenge suggestions for me!

Glorious Handlebar Moustache!

$50 /mo
 - Above tiers included 

 - I will post you stuff each month! e.g a figurine painted by me or fancy postcard!

 - Your own special Emote on the Discord!