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Gaming Garbage.  Murder the Internet.  The Something Awful Forums.  This Patreon is used to support all these and much, much more.

GAMING GARBAGE:  We here at Gaming Garbage are dedicated to relentlessly mocking and showcasing the absolute worst video games in existence (we once attempted to play video games that don't exist, but that ended up being very difficult to record).  Since our channel began roughly 191 years ago, we've pumped out over 400 videos and shared countless video game abominations to the world, from Dontrel the Dolphin to Beestmeal. We're terribly unpopular and will probably stay that way for the rest of eternity, but at least I kicked off shmorky!  And my foot was covered in poop afterwards!

MURDER THE INTERNET:  Our podcast, "Murder the Internet," is in the same situation; my co-host Jonathan Weir and I absolutely love doing them weekly, but we need to generate revenue from it in some way.  Hopefully one day we can bring in enough COLD HARD CASH to do it fulltime.  Hey, if those Chapo House guys can make $60,000 a month, I figure we deserve at least eight times that much.

THE SOMETHING AWFUL FORUMS:  Due to us not being popular or cool anymore, revenue has dropped nearly 90%, and many forum users have asked if they could financially support the site through monthly Patreon donations. Heck yeah, you can!  Some of the revenue generated here will be used to hire a coder, so we can actually add new features and get things done. That's right.... Titan 2.0.


What we're proposing here is simple: we would love to help you, the viewer, take money that you either earned or stole, and gave that money to us.  It's very straightforward: some of the money that you own, will become money that we now own, and in return, we will regularly and consistently provide you with the wonderful, high-quality, well produced videos you've grown to know and love, such as the one in 2004 where I talk about my ass in length for several hours with a diaperfur. 

If you would rather not donate to us and instead live your life as a person lacking moral integrity who is loathed by all they encounter, that is your choice and we will completely respect that as you burn in hell for all eternity. But if you enjoy our videos / podcasts / forums / poor general decisions in life, and would like to see more, please consider supporting us, particularly in the form of wealth transfer.  Bernie would have one. I don't want to make any promises I can't keep, but I'm fairly certain hot women are attracted to Gaming Garbage supporters and they'll want to do the sex stuff with you a lot except when you're on the phone because that would be distracting.

So please, help us help you (make your bank account smaller) by supporting our lifelong quest to create a multimedia smorgasbord. Imagine the warm feeling in your heart as you realize you prolonged my inevitable suicide by at least several hours.
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I'll livestream myself throwing gallons of house paint at a family of four at the public zoo.
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