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You are super fan of the series. Have a retro game that you wish I'd play but I just haven't? Well I will work with you to PICK A GAME FOR ME TO PLAY as a thank you for your support.  

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Welcome to my Patreon, I'm Gaming Jay, Canadian and avid retro gamer. I'm currently documenting my quest to try every game in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, before I die, in an ongoing Let's Play series. From arcade hits to Commodore 64 classics, from DOS-era gems to NES treasures, from Sega Genesis to Playstation, Xbox to Atari, Gameboy to ZX Spectrum, my series explores the classic retro games that we all grew up with, have fond memories of, or heard of but never got a chance to try.

My videos are free. They'll always be free. When I started making videos, I never thought that I would be able to make a living off them. That wasn't my goal. I wanted to make fun and free content for retrogaming fans from all walks of life to enjoy. And that's what I've done, and what I'll keep doing. If you can't afford to support me I completely understand. All that said though, if you do enjoy my content, if you do want to show your support and help encourage me and support me to keep doing what I'm doing, throwing a few bucks my way would be a tremendous gift from you to me. And to motivate you maybe, I have a few small bonuses for you if you decide to pledge any amount...

As a Patron you'll have access to a few special bonus videos from time to time, currently know as "The Lost Episodes". There are episodes I filmed for my channel that I can't release for a handful of reasons (e.g., I played the wrong game by mistake, the game or the recording screwed up mid-way through, or I didn't like the way the video turned out and decided to redo it). 

Sometimes when I'm putting an episode together there are some clips of gameplay that just don't fit. This could be a practice run of a game, or a longer intro, or just some extra footage I recorded but later realized was not needed. I've uploaded segments here and there when these occur as small bonuses.

As a welcome bonus to anyone pledging $5 or more per month I'll work with you to find a game that you'd like me to play and play it!

Do you like swag? How about an authentic NES or Sega Genesis controller signed by me, gifted to you! Kind of random, right? I have no idea if anyone is interested in this but I thought it might be a fun idea and so if you sign up for $10 per month I'll send you one, free of charge! Now that's a bang for you buck...

My Patreon has been growing slowly, but if we do hit 20 Patrons I'm going to make it a goal to setup some semi-regular live streams and let the Patrons help pick the games! Once this happens, Patrons at all levels will receive special invites to the streams and have a chance to votes on games before the streams go live.

Though my Patreon setup here is rather simple, it has one other important role besides your support: to provide an official space beyond YouTube where you can find and connect with me. The unfortunate reality about gaming channels on YouTube these days is they are vulnerable to takedowns and I have personally seen this fate befall some small channels that I enjoy. If a game company suddenly decides to issue a bunch of strikes, YouTube can be forced to take almost anyone's channel down, with little recourse to get it back.

If my channel were to ever be taken down, Patreon here would be the first place you could come to find me, to learn what happened, and to find out where the series has moved. Of course you can always connect with me for free on Twitter if you prefer, and that's totally fine if that's what you'd rather do. In the end whether you decide you want to support me or not, if you are a fan, all I ask is that you enjoy the videos and keep in touch! ... just in case.
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If we can hit 20 patrons then I will schedule a few special live streams where I'll let the patrons offer suggestions and vote on which games I'll play!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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