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About The Gaming Muso

Oops! Sorry I didn’t mean to deafen you there fren!

My name is James, Welcome to my page ✋🏻
I’m an actor, musician, gamer, tech fanatic, scourge of Carpathia, sorrow of Moldavia etc...

I’ve been a performer for many years on the circuit and even going to Los Angeles to record over there! Cool Eh?
A few years ago I started watching various videogame and tech channels on YouTube. Nostalgia Nerd, Octavius Kitten, Larry Bundy, Kim Justice, Ashens to name but a few...
watching their videos has inspired me to finally get up off my backside to make videos of my own! (Which is probably why you’re here as you may have seen a video of mine!)

At the moment I’m creating videos with the whatever is currently available to me! Which at the moment consists of an iPhone 7 and not much else! Mainly because the computers I have access to are useless for video production 😞 I have NO professional video recording gear (I don’t even currently own a camera tripod) and would like to change that in order to create better content for YOU!!
i dunno....maybe buy an actual real camera or a laptop capable of editing video? 😂

at the moment as I’m a very VERY small YouTuber I’ll leave a pledge amount entirely up to you! Everyone who currently pledges will get their name and a shoutout at the end of my videos! I hope my channel will grow and would love to bring some of you along for the ride 😊

Thank you so much for reading all of this!
$85.80 of $300 per month
It would be awesome to be able to buy some decent studio gear to create better videos! A decent second hand laptop/camera and some light boxes!
im not after anything brand new ? just things that will help me to create better production values in my videos!
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