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About Dnd funds

As I have been putting more and more work and money into me being a DM, I was looking at starting this patreon so that if any of you would like to support our group you now can.

Please try not to see this as your DM grasping at your pockets for spare change, this is more just a cash pool for our group. Feel free to let me know what you would buy for the group to have the perfect set up!

I would firstly like to put out that any money put into this project will be put towards items that support the whole group , as well as custom rewards for each tier of support.

There are 3 main ways this money will be split:

Firstly, the maintenance costs to run any third party software for DMs usage. (I already pay for google one storage, but other uses could be world anvil and other resources to help the overall quality of the campaign) . When university terms begin I am sure you will still have interest in playing regularly so this money could go towards group software in order to continue playing the game we enjoy.

Secondly, I will be attempting to start painting more miniatures for our games, once I have finished these projects these will be group items and could be used in any future campaigns that could be run. As you guys want to know how your money is being spent feel free to make requests, any mini for the group is a mini I love.

Thirdly, group equipment. Dice , food and drink , battlemats and much more will be funded by this. 

Do not feel pressured to support this endeavor however, the benefits of doing so will help us reach even higher levels of nerdy enjoyment. 
Select a membership level
per month

An ordinary adventurer starting their quest to help save their DM from the moneygerblins. This tier contains small benefits, but generally just helps me get by without spending large amounts of money on the group.


- My eternal gratitude

- You can now vote on what model I will be painting for each project (and can take ownership of those models once I am done if you so wish!)

Folk Hero
per month

Not just a local hero, but also a hero to me! At this level you are serious about donating to the group and are (obviously) wanting to see improvement in the quality of life of our games.

 At this point you will have a significant say in what the pool money goes towards, so your money gets spend on what you want. (Literally anything: books, setpieces, commission, licences, web programs etc.)  


- All lower tier benefits

- Magic item (rare) of your creation in the loot tables for the following areas.

- Vote on spendings of the group.

Dungeon Delver
per month

This tier is the highest I would expect from any of you, if you are donating at this level firstly, I love you. Secondly, you obviously have a lot of interest in our continued playing!  At this level you probably aren't doing this for the benefits and just see that the more money you put in the more we benefit as a group. 


- All lower tier benefits

- Once a year (christmas), either a £30 mini (fully painted of course)  or a commission of the same price (this could, for example be split 15/15)

- You can create a recurring NPC/Villain for the campaign 

-  One Magic item (legendary) of your creation to be added to loot tables

$13 of $15 per month
When we reach this goal, I'll begin painting groups of enemy minis every month! 
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