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You also get the sheer satisfaction of knowing that you're making a difference and keeping the guitar lessons and covers coming.

That's unless you want to travel to North Wales where I will happily shake your blessed hand or give you a hug (whichever is preferable)

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Making a living by generating online video content is very difficult. Making a living by generating guitar covers and tuition videos on YouTube is even harder. 

Because it's so difficult - I NEED YOUR HELP!

YouTube takes 80% of the Adsense (advertising) revenue away from all of the videos on my guitar channel for 'copyright' reasons!

I've found that spending hours and hours making an in-depth fingerstyle guitar lesson and only receiving a very small amount of revenue from YouTube is soul crushing. It demotivated me so much in the past that I stopped making guitar videos to focus on trying to make enough money to get by elsewhere. 

But now i'm back, kind of...

Now i'm enjoying making music videos again, BUT now i'm splitting my time between this project and others, just to pay the bills. This time it's just me producing the videos, since I can no longer afford to pay someone to help me produce/edit/program/ my videos. 

I don't want to go the premium route, and start charging money for each lesson I make, I could do that though, this would make it very easy for me to pay the bills. But, I LOVE that I can offer some of the best guitar teaching resources for free to everyone. So, no matter your personal or financial background, you can still enjoy learning to play the guitar to a very high standard.

Life can be tough, music can help you get through.


If you enjoy the guitar content I produce on YouTube and want to support me, Please consider making a pledge!

As a THANK YOU for pledging just a small amount here on Patreon, you will get access to a number of rewards depending on amount you pledge.

Everything from exclusive early access to all the content - The Tabs I write & the Guitar Lessons I produce, though to personal support with your own guitar playing career.

Take a look at the different tiers of rewards to see if there's anything you like the look of. 

Thank You!

I love making videos for you guys. I quit my day job to 4 years ago to focus on making video content for a living, but I need your help to keep it going. I never wanted to begin a subscription website and outright sell my lessons - it's never been about the money for me. On the same note, I never want to go back to working in a factory again! This arrangement through Patreon, where you guys pledge a monthly amount in return for exclusive rewards, can ensure my work survives and thrives online, while you get some great stuff in return.

No matter what you pledge, you'll be helping me out, and you'll have my honest, sincerest thanks.

Together, we have built a community around our shared love of music and playing instruments.

Thank you for your continued support - you are truly awesome!

Bye for now!

53% complete
Target 3 - (bit of a pipe dream but) At this level I can afford to hire a producer for the content again, without sacrificing any of my own income. 
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