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Legendary Tier 1.0
per month

• Every new Legendary Pokemon caught on your account, the day they are released. 

- This includes any 5* Raid boss that is currently available in raids using a normal raid pass.

- This includes every legendary Pokemon that are re-released in the future like Mewtwo, Legendary Birds, Rayquaza, Palkia, and the others.

- If more than 1 legendary is released in raids within the month, you will also receive that legendary(s) as well.

*If you are unhappy with the stats of the legendary caught, I will catch another.

Legendary Tier 2.0
per month

• 5 of Every new Legendary Pokemon caught on your account, the day they are released. 

-This includes the same benefits as the Tier 1 option.

-All 5 Legendary can be caught upon release provided you have the raid passes.

-If you are short on raid passes, 1 legendary will be caught per day, using the daily free raid pass.

-You will receive 5 of every legendary Pokemon currently available in raids, regardless of how many are released that month. 

Legendary Tier 3.0
per month

 • 10 of Every new Legendary Pokemon caught on your account, the within the first days they are released.  

-This includes the same benefits as the previous tiers.

-This tier includes a better chance at receiving a Shiny/Perfect IV Legendary.

-You should save the extra legendary or share them with friends for a chance at a lucky trade.


per month

About GarythePlug

Welcome to my Patreon.
I’ve been guiding trainers to success since the game released in July 2016. When this game was released, I new it would be unlike any other. The location based gameplay combined with the animated reality features set the foundation for this genre of gaming. 

In 2016 I was one of the few who was able to screen record with their iPhone. Yes, there was a time when screen recording was unheard of! With the option to screen record available, I immediately started recording Pokemon GO footage and sharing it with the world. My followers, views, and likes quickly shot up to the thousands. I focused on producing the rarest, most unique, never before seen content. With each post, I new I had to outdo myself on the last one if I wanted to get that 1,000 likes or those 20,000 views and this motivated me to GO! 

Over the past 3 years, I have dedicated majority of my time to this game. I've gained the trust of over 1,000 trainers by creating a successful business out of Pokemon GO and helping each of those trainers get Pokemon they would have never been able to get alone.

Where does Patreon Come Into Play?
I dedicate my time to finding super rare in-game content and to helping trainers reach their goals in Pokemon GO. 99% of the content I post is never before seen content, recorded by me. This is barely a reason for you to become a Patreon of GaryThePlug. The main reason you should consider becoming a Patreon is because of the benefits you'll unlock by doing it.

Some of the benefits will include:
• Legendaries, Regionals, & Shiny Pokemon added to your account every month.
•Access to exclusive content for Patreons only.
• The locations of super rare Pokemon like Deino, Gible, Unown, and the rarest Pokemon you can find in the wild.
• Access to the best locations in the world to Play Pokemon GO at.
• & more tiers on coming soon.
If you have been supporting me on my other platforms Thank you, and if you are new, Welcome.

Come see what I can do for you.