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Each dollar makes my job easier and gives me peace of mind. I appreciate any and all support. Pledging any amount gets your name in the backers section of my Tuesday comics. Let me know if you have a different name you'd like for me to use.


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Hi, I'm Shea
a.k.a Gates McCloud
a.k.a Starman_Dx

And I make lots of things,
but mainly comics.

     Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page, more so thanks for supporting me.  I'm not one to seek donations. I would rather give than get, which is half the reason why I make comics. I enjoy making content that all of you enjoy. I'm also the kind of guy who wants to earn his keep, so I'll continue to do so, by making things you enjoy.

With your support, I can continue with that. Supporting my comic series means I can devote more time to them, with enough support I can make it a full time job, which is a life long dream of mine. Donating would help me out immensely, in more ways than one.

Enough of my sob story, I want to earn your buck, so step into my shop and see my wares. You can find my various comic series and projects at Gates' DeviantArt and Rightful Heir Tumblr, below is a description of the comic series that I run.

Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k

My most popular series
set in the MLP:FIM universe. A tale of three young ponies and
their life in a world gone horribly wrong. Follow them and their struggle
in the nightmare that has descended upon Equestria.

The Rightful Heir

The Story of Prince Orion's
return to take what is rightfully his. Another story set in the MLP:FIM universe
about the return of a long lost prince. Follow Twilight and her friends
as they try to stop Prince Orion's invasion and learn
hidden secrets of Equestria's past.

The Rightful Heir: The Royal Family

The Rightful Heir
continues! Kinda! The Tumblr
series featuring the entire Royal Family of Equestria.
Less serious and not burdened by show restraints, this
series showcases the lives of the Royal Family,
in a comedic fashion. I also have several spinoff series
that run under this one.

Crisis of the Planes

Follow the story
of Gates McCloud as his search to find his long lost wife
starts him on a path that he can never return from. A journey
that will change everything he knows.
Crisis of the Planes is my life's work. I've poured two decades
of my life into it. It has shaped everything I've done.
It is my baby.

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Now that I'm getting more popular (Hah hah hah, yah right, ego much?)(yes) I've been thinking about how to include all youse guis more. I work because I want to entertain you all. I enjoy making things that people like. With that, I've been toying around with the idea of a special 'subscriber-esque' comic. But every time I ask for idea's normally I usually only get 1 or 2 responses. With this goal, it shows intent, and interest. What I'd probably do is pick a day to just sit in chat and brainstorm with youse guis for a special tumblr style comic to be posted on my normal channels. I'd like this to be a big thank you for all of you who support/supported/will support me, and to have youse guis involved. Because I'm nothing without all of you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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