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Hey there! My name is Alicia, but you can call me Ali! I'm a self taught artist still trying to get my footing.
I started a small blog over on Tumblr during the beginning of my junior year of high school where I made the MOST HORRIFIC pony doodles to probably ever exist, haha...but it was a tough year for me. It was even the year that I actually attempted suicide...I moved on, got a good balance of meds, and was happy that I actually got a surprising amount of support from the community. A community of artists that I knew I wanted to be a part of for as long as I could.
This has of course made me want to continue to improve and keep trying harder. I've certainly come a long way since my hardly discernible drawings...
(Drawing I did about 6 months after I started the blog back in 2014, and this was waaaaayyyyy better than my first drawings which were on paper, no color, and I had to upload them by taking pictures of them and posting them like that. xD)

And yet. I still have a long way to go. c: I would love to go art school some day, even if not specifically for the drawing side. Possibly web design....but I want to always keep drawing close to my heart. It never fails to calm me when I'm in crappy moods.
I hope having this patreon will help me give some back to my followers and also maybe give me the opportunity to collect some better supplies!
$0 of $350 per month
I really want to get started collecting some Copic markers! I love doing traditional work, so once we reach this goal, I'll do a little request stream where I test them out! c:
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