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is creating ad-free web games (Red Remover, Super Stacker, Idle & more!)
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About Gaz Thomas

Hi, I'm Gaz!  I've been making free web games for over 10 years.  I've developed more than 60 in total, you may have played some for instance:
Red Remover
Tangerine Panic
Box Clever
3 Slices
Bubble Cannon
Tangerine Tycoon
Particle Blaster
Super Stacker
or visited my previous website The Game Homepage.

I've just taken the plunge and after a long hiatus and I'm back making games full time again!  My goal is to create a new free web game every month.  Come and join me on this journey and get exclusive access to videos, screenshots and beta versions of my games before they are released.  You can even vote on what I make next!

I LOVE FREE GAMES but most of the ones I play these days seem to be jam-packed with annoying video ads.  I don't like these very much and you won't find them in my new web games.  No micro-transactions either.  But this is why I need your help.  Less ads means less money but I would rather players have a good experience.  I will post all the new games I develop with no disruptive in-game ads on my website

Any money donated via Patreon will mean I can spend more time making games for you and keep annoying ads out of my games for good.  I will also use it to license better art, music and sounds for my games.  So, thank you!  Lets make some cool stuff :)

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