Gc20Amber GoingCrazy201 is creating RuneScape & Final Fantasy, etc playthrough/walkthroughs

A Buck for Luck

$1 /mo
Smallest Donation:

    ♥ Your name in the Thank You in my description.

What```'s Better than 1? 2!

$2 /mo
A Little More Thanks:
   ♥ Your name in the Thank You at the end of every non-update video.

    ♥ All previous rewards.

High Five!

$5 /mo
I C U:

    ♥ A follow on Twitter with a shoutout, so people know who helped me & should be checked out!

    ♥ All previous rewards.

We Pay, We Say

$10 /mo
Your say:

    ♥ Get say on what video I should edit first, or if non or recorded, which I should record next to get it up there.

    ♥ All previous rewards.

Let's Text/Talk

$25 /mo
Time for some banter:

    ♥ Get added to my Discord server where we can text from time to time, if you got ideas or just wanna shoot the shit. (Talking not guaranteed, I Netflix a lot lol)


Holy Shmoly

$50 /mo
Time for some banter v2:

    ♥ That's it, I'm adding yo ass to my FL on RuneScape (I'll regret it but whatever, ur awesome).

    ♥ All previous rewards.

You Serious?

$100 /mo
Um Wow:

    ♥ $10 a month from your pledge donated to a charity (I like ones helping children, vets, or those at risk).

    ♥ Add a special message of your choice (within reason) to the e...


You Sure?

$250 /mo
   ♥ I will play on RuneScape or the RSMV MineCraft server with you for like, an hour or two a month. We can agree to like do some easy ass bosses, I help you on a quest,...

You Sure This is Legal?

$500 /mo
At this point I'm sure you're using someone else's credit card:
    ♥ Your own private (or public) room on Discord.

    ♥ All previous rewards.

Ok, Now I Know it ain't Legal.

$1,000 /mo
The FBI is pulling up in my driveway:
    ♥ I will make my boyfriend scream your name (I might even join him, okay lies, I already am).

    ♥ All previous rewards.