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This tier is for those wanting to show their support, each month I will upload one of the various recent designs, so that over time you get a small amount of new Files, but not the full libary.

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Want access to all the Files avaliable currently? This is the tier to go for, You'll gain access to each design as I finish my test prints, Little bit of waiting involved, but you'll always have the most recent files to play with, along with the rest of the files released each month! 

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Want access to the Current Libary and Extras? This is the rank for you then. Not only will you gain access to the file designs before anyone else, as I will release them before I Finish my own test prints.

But you'll also gain the option for requested files, Where I'll proritize making something Orky just for you! If its within my abilities, I'll work any requested files into the design chain I'm moving along, and then similar to all the other releases, everyone will gain access to it.

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About Geargutz' Mekshop

Welcome to Geargutz' Mekshop! You've found my humble workshop where my goal is to produce a redicilous amount of customized Scrapyard themed machines and monsters!

A little bit about myself: 

I've been into miniture wargaming for a bit over 20 years now, most of that time has been scratch building and altering pre-existing kits to suit my own designs, mostly making robots, mechs, and Cybernetic alterations to exsiting figures. 
Though, with the Rise of 3D printing technology, and the advancements in how easy some of the programs have been to learn, I've foundmylse easily adpating what I learned with scratch building, to the 3D realm. 

What should you expect out joining up? 

Lots of crazy and detailed designs of various scrapyard/Junk creations, My goal is to produce a all sorts of various vehicles, and other creations to fit every option within a Miniture wargames's range. 

I try to produce one or two figures each week, though I will admit, gigantic over the top designs will take me longer. Once the designs are finished, and tested, I Upload them to the Patreons, whom depending on their ranks will gain access to more options and then be able to recreate the madness on their own printers!

Anyways yeah! I hope you join me on this journey of... well, Producing lots and lots and lots of Crazy designs! 
$1,000 – reached! per month
Quit my Day job. go Full Miniture building/Converting. Plus all of the Above rewards, and... I'll figure some other things to go along with this at some point. 
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