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This is super dumb, but if you support us this much, Rym will say your name at the end of each episode after the credits, along with some ultra dumb "stinger" content. We're talking "Rym's Youtube Likes" dumb.




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About GeekNights

We have been podcasting constantly since 2005, and have produced over a thousand episodes of GeekNights, all free for you, forever, on the Internet.  We also produce video shows like:

We also lecture widely on gaminggame design, (and occasionally anime).  We also sometimes do weirder things like interview statues or adapt terrible books.

The Podcast
GeekNights is not one, but four separate podcasts.  We aired four nights a week for many, many years, and later cut back to two nights a week.  Mondays are technology, Tuesdays are gaming, Wednesdays are anime/manga/comics, and Thursdays are everything else.

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We fully intend to keep the GeekNights podcast going for many years to come, and we will always keep it free (both as in beer and as in speech - it's Creative Commons licensed).  But our other projects, especially video shows, lectures, actual games, etc..., we have little time or resources to maintain.

The Patreon

For now, the Patreon updates will be:

  • New Episodes
  • New Videos
  • Old episode spotlight

  • Sneak peaks at new projects
  • Process insight (e.g., how we make videos)
  • Q&A special episodes
  • "Rym's Rants"
  • Rym and Emily Bonus shows
  • Old beta episodes (Patreon pledge goal)

$5+ Backers
  • Name in the credits of each episode

So, don't worry if you just want GeekNights the podcast to continue forever. But if you care about our Utena videos, our game analysis/teaching videos (like Five Nights at Freddy's or Tigris & Euphrates or Netrunner), or are sad that we skipped our first PAX ever this year (sorry Australia!), any funding you provide will make all of those projects explode from our minds unto the world for your enjoyment.

Specifically, we will resume the GeekNights Presents: Utena show with a rapid turnaround, produce more tabletop videos, commit to PAX Australia 2016, and start a few new projects we've had in the hopper for a long time.  The larger the patreon gets, the more long-form content we will produce outside of GeekNights itself.

Patreon Funded Long-Form Content
These are the kinds of larger, longer projects we've always wanted to do, but simply can't with our current resources.

We want to make more fun videos like this, but it costs time and money for animation and art.

We want to make more deep single-game analysis videos like this, but it takes serious time to put even a simple project together.

We want to make shows like GeekNights Presents: Utena for other properties like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, even Bojack Horseman.

You can consider all of these pilots of the kinds of work we'd do if we had more resources.  But this is not exhaustive. We may even make games.

$104.45 of $300 per month
The episodes of GeekNights that we recorded prior to October 31, 2005, will be made available to all of our supporters. These are the beta episodes of GeekNights, before Rym and Scott had any idea what they were doing, remastered as high bitrate mp3s created from the original lossless sources deep in the archive.

A logitech stick microphone may have been used, perhaps set across the room, and there are rumors that the duo sang their theme song. These episodes were only released for close friends as they workshopped and planned to create GeekNights in earnest.

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