Steve Glosson is creating The GOliverse Podcasting Network

Wall of Famer

$1 /mo
Your name will be added to the Geek Out Loud Wall of Fame!  What's that? It's a page on the Geek Out Loud website where you will be listed along with everyone else who supports.  Your name and supe...

The Forceology Course

$2 /mo
The Exclusive content for the duration.  By donating this amount you will have access to the new exclusive podcast hosted by Steve and Shazbazzar as the two offer a class on The Force.  The guys ar...

Very Early Release

$3 /mo
Get episodes of The Big Honkin Show the Monday after they are recorded!  With the recent crash of the Big Honkin Show, it's slow going getting caught up and we could be a year or so before getting ...

Tee'd Up

$15 /mo
Of course you will receive all of the above exlcusive GOLiverse shirt, as well as discounts to GOLiverse events should there be any take place. 

Wanna Hang?

$25 /mo
Monthly Google Hangout with Steve and other hosts that are available.  These hangouts will be recorded and content may be used for future GOLiverse shows.  The idea here is to see what's on your mi...

You're On!

$50 /mo
It's your chance to Geek Out Loud with Steve.  You choose the topic, you "produce" the show.  Some previous patrons who have appeared on shows have even gone on to start their own shows! 

Now We're Just Having Fun

$100 /mo
All of the above AND Steve will personally write and record a  geeky parody of the song of your choice.  Just for you.  What you choose to do with it beyond that is up to you. 10 is the current lim...