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Welcome to the Common Geeking Program! CGP is a podcast - and aspiring platform - for original content of geeky persuasions. The original podcast has run for over 100 episodes, providing insightful analysis of media and culture ranging from Westworld to Tales of Alethrion!

Common Geeking Program is a book-club podcast that draws comparisons between movies, shows, podcasts, books, games and more. Those of us who make it want to do more, starting with these projects:
     - “Common Briefing Program”: a monthly recap of geek-news!
     - A table-top role playing adventure with rotating DMs, and one-shot for all to play!
     - A gaming-history project: learn the truth behind this great pastime in more depth than ever!
     - “How You Doing?”: Two adults try to stay connected despite their long-distance friendhip
     - More to come!

Truth be told, we will try our best to share this with you regardless of patron support, but any support you may offer will make these dreams come true. We want to be a platform that showcases creativity and ingenuity. In return, early access to projects and exclusive extras will let us work with you to make more of what you want and what we love. 
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With 50 patrons of any level, CGP will focus on returning to weekly release for the CGP Book Club podcast! Until then, catch us every other Friday and spread the word.
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