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About Gekkodox

Buon giorno, here is Schnucki aka Gekkodox, the Magical Blue Lizard from Chiang Mai, Thailand! 🏝️🦎

What you see here is the result of over 5 long years of very extremely, exhausting hard work of research about health and technology, while suffering with severe Asthma, extreme Allergies, Heart Disease, Depression and Anxiety with feelings of Doom. I hope you like what you see here and the information is somewhat helpful and entertaining for you!

This page also has all the information you need how to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your biochemically stress for better health and for the CHINESE VIRUS! 🦠 You need to read mindfully though, otherwise you won't understand it! Feel free to ask me if you do not understand! Quick summary: Follow this extremely high quality ORGANIC Diet and use a Fissler Pressure Cooker for nutrient preservation and 80% faster cookingRest andSleepPurifier your Air with a Dyson AND De'Longhi air purifier, use a WoodyKnows Super Defense Max Nose FilterRed Heat Lamp Therapy on the chest or even better Near-Infrared Sauna TherapyFoot and Hand ReflexologySkin BrushingThe Roy Masters Pulling Down Meditation Exercise (12), cod liver oil (better) or 25,000 IU NATURAL NOT SYNTHETIC Vitamin A (worse) daily if you are infected, basic extra nutrients for everyone, and best and most powerful, order a Nutritional Balancing Development Science Program / Hair Mineral Analysis!

Make sure that you ONLY drink Gaensefurther mineralwater! I found out that this is the highest quality water that you can drink! When I began to drink it, I noticed that my kidneys healed A LOT!

IMPORTANT: Get 1 FREE reward if you help with $3 or more! But it would be very helpful if you could help me with the full pledge for my life-saving Endo-met and Trimethylglycine/Betaine (TMG) tablets, though. The 8 highest helpers also get the ⚔️ and the 🔧 and become moderators on my YouTube 🎥 channel for my livestreams! Here are the current 8 highest helpers!

Also, some links are broken! If you find a broken link, please let me know!


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I still need to update this helper list correctly. Please understand. :)

Also, I would like to show you a picture of my good caring mother Sabine! She takes good care of me 24 hours a day! She is the best!! You can view a picture of her if you scroll down a the end of this page!

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Buon giorno, here is Schnucki aka Gekkodox, the Magical Blue Lizard from Chiang Mai, Thailand! 🏝️🦎

You can help me here! My doctors ruined my life and made me severely chronically ill with many wrong medical treatments, one of them was they tried to "improve" my underweight with a Junk Food Diet. This triggered all my diseases! I can barely keep up with the costs of my Nutritional Balancing Development Science Medicine anymore that keep me alive, so I have to ask for your help unfortunately, since health insurance won't pay for it because it is not an accepted treatment. But the Nutritional Balancing Development Science Program is the only thing that keeps me alive. That's why I have to ask for your help sadly. All funds will be used to help me to pay for my Nutritional Balancing Development Science Medicine by ENDO-MET Laboratories, my Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses from Phoenix, Arizona and my very high quality organic food and very high quality organic Vovic spring water to keep me alive. I'm feeling ill every day, I'm stuck on my couch with Asthma, Heart Disease with Atherosclerosis on both carotids, Chronic Bowel Infections, Leaky Gut Syndrome, High Histamine Intolerance, Adrenal Burnout, Depression, Anxiety with feelings of doom, and a lot, A LOT of severe Allergies. I can only eat broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout, savoy cabbage, green cabbage, chicken breast, oregano, parsley (Update April/May 2019: I got allergic to these now too!), high quality Bad Reichenhaller Alpsalt from the mountains and I can only drink very high quality Volvic spring water. Everything must be in a very high organic quality, otherwise I would get severe shortness of breath Asthma with feelings of doom. And oddly, I get also Asthma when I drink Volvic Gaensefurther Spring Water that got opened after only 2 hours! Since some vegetables are not available in organic quality in my town, I have to order some online, this drives the costs even higher. That's why your help is unfortunately very needed, and your support would help me to get my Nutritional Balancing Science Development Medicine by ENDO-MET Laboratories to keep me alive.

Update March 5 2020: I get now very severe Asthma from Volvic Spring Water

If you want to know how to reduce the biochemical and mental stress of you and your cat/pet, or looking for thePINK GOLD DISCORD SERVER, scroll down!

Here is my latest health status of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis from Phoenix, Arizona. Please note that this report is outdated since I have no money for a new one. My current age is 26:

As you can see, I am severely underweight (77lbs 5″8 / 35kg at 1,73m). Also, I am asexual, by the way. My very weak and ill body would not handle any sexual activity anyway. And I often got bullied for that in school. Since I hit puberty, I mysteriously got very thin. My former doctors thought it is a genetic defect. From my extensive research about health, I found out this is only half of the pathology. First, the genetic defect needs to be present in the human body. Then, the genetic defect needs to be activated. So, what activates an genetic defect, you may ask? The answer is actually very simple, it is the unhealthy food that everyone consumes. You may wonder what food is actually healthy. Read this page mindfully and you will know the answer! And surprisingly, an activated genetic defect can be deactivated again with a Nutritional Balancing Development Science Program! This already found out the dentist Dr. Weston A. Price in the early 20th century when he traveled all around the world to find out why people get chronic diseases, especially dental diseases. Oddly, teachers and doctors in the modern 21st century do not know that a low quality or wrong diet contribute to diseases and activate genetic defects. It only requires one bite of something unhealthy to activate a genetic defect. This happened to me after I ate pancakes and noodles in July 2014. After that, I almost died, and my life changed completely into a nightmare with almost daily feelings of doom. Please never eat something unhealthy! It only requires one bite of something unhealthy to activate a genetic defect!

I MUST eat very high quality organic meals like this every single day to survive. 7 huge broccolis and 3 huge chicken breasts!

Please read these critical, important articles how to get the OPTIMUM out of your diet and health! And please cook your food with the most expensive Fissler pressure cooker with Volvic spring water for the best results!

Even more is here:

You MUST also do the Roy Masters Pulling Down Meditation Exercise to get more etheric energy into the body! When I do it for 1 hour, I always notice how much better I suddenly feel, with less brain fog, a clearer mind and more energy! Everyday I meditate up to 6 or 8 hours!

Also Foot and Hand Reflexology and Skin Brushing is excellent! I recommend to use a hard and a softer hair brush. I always get relive immediately from my feelings of doom when my mother Sabine treats me with that!

We have to remember that the best cure for every disease is prevention, and you can easily do so if you eat and live correctly and meditate everyday for at least 1 hour!

Also, I need a cook who helps my mother Sabine to cook! If you are interested to cook for me, please Private Message me on one of my Social Media! Twitter is preferred.

As you can also see, there are two pictures of my deformed arm, due to the wrong medical treatments of the doctors, before I escaped from the hospital with the help of my grandmother to avoid further wrong medical treatments. This happened one year after my huge Candida albicans outbreak. I had unexplained extreme bowel pain. I just wanted to check that out by a doctor with ultrasound. Fortunately, the pain vanished mysteriously, but they wouldn't allow me to leave the hospital anymore. So I escaped with the help of my grandmother to avoid more wrong medical treatments.

My case is not uncommon. My doctor Dr. Lawrence who always interprets my Hair Mineral Analysis also reports about it in his short article Hospital Horror:

More interesting hospital articles:
Hospital Survival:

Florence Nightingale - Pioneering Woman:

I'm not the only one who got screwed up by doctors. Just look at this thread from GBAtemp. There are also a few other people who have to suffer of their wrong treatments:

Huge thanks to my best friends @VerodasKueken ($15) and @TheBifi ($7,50) who already help me out! If you help me out, you will be listed here too, as one of the 8 highest helpers! The helper with the highest pledge gets the crown! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET MENTIONED AS A HELPER, JUST TELL ME! ;) Or just tick the box "I don*t want the rewards!" at ckeckout.

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I am very honored to have @TheBifi from the @KabelSalatTeam as my loyal patron! He is a very successful streamer and travels to Japan bi-yearly, and knows Japanese, by the way. I have a lot of respect of him!

Unfortunately, Veronika had to stop helping me with $15, but I can't bring it over my heart to remove her from the list. Your help is now needed even more!

If you pledge $0 or more and Retweet 🔄 my pinned Tweet and Share 🔄 my pinned Post on Facebook you can watch my Zelda Symphonic Movement Movie for free! ;) Do not forget to always ring the Bell 🔔 when you follow me! Because it would make me very happy! 😊

I have put HUNDRED and HUNDRED and HUNDRED of hours of very extremely, exhausting hard work into this 8K Zelda Movie. That's why no one is making videos in 8K60/12-bit quality! It is just too much frustrating work! Sadly, I do not think this extremely hard work was worth it... I mean, you watch it for 10 minutes, then you leave and forget about it. Do you think all this very exhausting hard work was worth it? Please tell me in the comments! :)

One Super Smash Bros. Legacy XP highlight clip of my free (almost) daily Nintendo Twitch Livestreams! Do not forget to follow me on Twitch! Feel free to also add me as friend on Twitch! It would make me very happy to have your friendship! 😊 As someone who didn't even have a single friend just a few years ago, it would mean A LOT to me if we could become friends! 😊 You can play with me too if you wish via Parsec!

Here I talk that SATORU IWATA & GUNPEI YOKOI, the inventor of the Game Boy, once brought me organic bio broccoli for breakfast! 🥦

We could also play Super Mario Strikers, Mario Party 1/2/3/4, Mario Kart 64/Double Dash/Wii/8, Smash Bros. Remix, Online Multiplayer SM64, or Ego Shooter Banjo-Tooie!

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You can watch the full version of my cinematic The Legend of Zelda: The Renaissance Project Movie RIGHT NOW! Great thanks goes to @ZethRyder, his old trailers he made in the late 2000s were a great inspiration for this movie!

I even made a wonderful Happy Birthday video for Zeth to show him my huge appreciation and great respect I have for him! He made my middle teenage years truly special, with his AMAZINGLY IMPRESSIVE WORK on OoT mods! Really Zeth, I want to thank you very deeply for making my middle teenage years special! Always when I got home of a hard school day, I wondered what new cool stuff he could show us! It was amazing! Amazing middle teenage memories!

And you can watch 2 videos of the Baby Kittens! 😺😸😹😼😽🙀😻

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you can join the PINK GOLD DISCORD SERVER, will become a Knight and can play games with me on Twitch such as Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2, Super Smash Bros. Remix, Super Mario Strikers, Sea of Thieves, Online Multiplayer Hacks for Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, Paper Mario and more via Online Netplay Emulation! And you you can watch the full version of my cinematic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Movie when it will be finished and released on November 22, 2020! Only Patrons who help with this amount will be able to watch the full version when it will be finished and released on November 22, 2020!

If you pledge $24.97 or more, you can watch the full version of my completely remade from scratch Zelda Symphonic Movement Movie I am currently working on! Only Patrons who help with this amount or more will be able to watch the full version when it will be finished and released on November 19, 2021!

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And you can watch a secret video message I send to my uncle Accu where I talk in an foreign language! What language it is you will find out in the video! ;)

If you pledge $34.97 or more I can enhance your photos! Here are two examples of my work! Right Click on the picture, open in new tab, and compare to see the details! Click on the arrows on the left and on the right to navigate!

If you pledge $39.97 or more I can do the same for your home videos!

If you pledge $44.97 or more I can do a funny Mii Video for you! Here is my $7.50 Patron Bifi @TheBifi from @KabelSalatTeam!

Here is a video that I have made for Huebi @Huebi_LP!

Here is a video that I have made for Nerdi @NerdOverNews & Wolo @ytWoloU for their Rando Race! @Rando_Race

This is a Birthday Video I made for a friend with my cute cats! ^__^

Another example, a Birthday Video for Sam @Ephourita from!
Here is a playlist with a bunch of videos I made for the guys from for their Rawi10li Anniversary! These guys were my first inspiration to make videos when I discovered them in 2007 with their hype Brawl Weeks for the upcoming Smash Bros. game when I had the first time Internet access at my home! Does anyone still remember the long waiting time for Brawl? If yes write it in the comments of my $1 Crowfunding Video!

And another example, a Mii-Stand-up-Comedy-Competition with @Gronkh from with his wife @xPandorya and with Jan Böhmermann @janboehm from the German Television Show Neo Magazin Royale!

Yet another example, a Happy Hoppy Birthday Video that I made for @CharlesMartinet, the voice actor of Super Mario from Nintendo!

Happy Birthday Grant Kirkhope with his Egg Nog Song!

If you pledge $49.97 or more
 you will be in the special Mii Crowdfunding Video! Currently featuring my two very best friends @TheBifi and @VerodasKueken! :D

Please checkout Veronika's fun YouTube Channel! Her Zelda OoT videos are incredible enjoyable! :D

If you pledge $50 or more you get a SUPER HIGH FIVE from me! 🖐️😁

If you pledge $100 or more I will be your personal helper for your health and your heart! 💗

If you pledge $200 or more you get to know the very interesting and very exciting story behind this picture why I am dressed up as Billy Idol! 🌟🎵🎶

BONUS GEKKODOX 8K WALLPAPER: And you can view the picture in full quality without JPG compression artifacts and set up as Desktop Wallpaper in 8K! 🖼️

As you can see, I'm a huge The Legend of Zelda fan! I'm also a huge Super Mario and Nintendo fan! When my health allows it, I like to work on cinematic Zelda Movies in 8K60/12-bit quality. I'm the only one in the world who is able to do such perfectly edited Zelda movies in such an extreme crazy high quality. This is quite an accomplishment! Especially for someone who is so severely chronically ill! So, please check them out! They are wonderful! You will definitely enjoy them! :D

This have my friends to say of my cinematic 8K60/12-bit Zelda Symphonic Movement Movie, my cats and my helper work: 

👑 @VerodasKueken  ($15 Patron): "Beautiful! Really, incredible! The goosebump feeling can not be described! I have just come across so much nostalgia for this beautiful game! The scenes are really perfect for the music, you captured the expression of the music really well with your chosen scenes! I found it particularly impressive how brilliantly you made the evil come out in Ganondorf! And for connoisseurs of the game there were definitely story-technical connections in the video recognizable! Your video should be used as a trailer for the HD version! Mega huge congrats to you for your remarkable work! Such videos should receive much more attention!"

💎 @TheBifi  ($7.50 Patron) "That's nice like rice! 🍚👍"

While Bifi's comment is very funny, please do not eat rice! ALL rice is poisoned with arsenic!,TOXIC.htm

🖌️🎨 @LaTeddyNecto (Avatar Artist): "Gekkodox, I told you once I will tell you many times more: This movie is absolutely amazing! I love how music and gameplay perfectly fit! Not to mention the super hyper ultra HD is absolutely stunning! I can see how much work you put into it again, good job! Keep up the good work! Also, you are one of the strongest human beings I know. I'm glad I was lucky and got YOU as my first subscriber!  I'm pretty sure that when I'm saying you make us happy everyday, the others will agree!   Keep on being the way you are and we will treasure you forever! "

@StayTrueForYou_: "Humans like you are very rare these days! I am very happy to know you! You are a very rich contribution to our world and I want to thank you for that!"

@Virumya: "Old Swede... This just looks like the work of a real professional movie studio!"

@MissMakiko "You are truly special!"

@_Vanilli: "You are very brave!"

@MinaMirkwood: "Your cats are awesome!!!"

@Timon336: "You will always have my moral support!"

📢 CharlesMartinet (Voice Actor of Super Mario from Nintendo): "Yay Genco!!!!"

What does Genco actually mean? If you know it, write it into the comments of my $1 Crowdfunding Video!!

@anachan "GEKKODOX SAVED MY LIFE!!! I suffered greatly from Depression and Allergies! Doctors just made everything worse! They said I should take Birth Control Pills to feel better! This worked the first years, but in the long term, IT MADE EVERYTHING WORSE!!!!! The doctors lied to me, because they wanted to sell me their dumb toxic pills!!! They didn't teach me about the dangerous side effects that occur when you take Birth Control Pills! I HATE DOCTORS SO MUCH!!!!! I will never trust doctors again! But thank god for Gekkodox! Gekkodox is the smartest, most skilled person I know when it comes to health! No one can match Gekkodox! When you want to die, you go to doctors. When you want to learn the truth and actually want to be really healthy, you ask Gekkodox for help! PEOPLE YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!!!!! The Pharma Industry and the doctors just want your money for toxic and dangerous drugs and completely unnecessary surgeries, they absolutely do not care about your health, they just want your money!!!!! YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SCAMMED BY YOUR DOCTORS!!! They do not tell you the truth. If they would, they would tell you what you MUST eat to stay healthy, what toxic foods to avoid, how to properly cook your food, what kind of extra nutrients you have to take, how to meditate correctly, and a lot more! Your doctor will tell you nothing about this!!! That's why I will help Gekkodox with $19.97 when I have my new job! I'm completely baffled that no one wants to help Gekkodox, not even a single dollar!!! You should all be ashamed, really! Gekkodox gives back so much! Gekkodox literally saves the entire world with the true wisdom Gekkodox has! That's why Gekkodox deserves my $19.97 when I have my new job! I can't wait to chat with Gekkodox on the Pink Gold Discord Server to learn a lot more about health and Nutritional Balancing Development Science. And to play N64 and GameCube games such as the Mario Party games from my childhood with Gekkodox via Online Netplay Emulation, that Gekkodox will also stream on Twitch! I'm really looking forward to that! And not to forget the AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE Cinematic 8K Zelda Movies Gekkodox will release only for all Patrons who help! I will also tell my friend about Gekkodox that she needs to help with $19.97 too! Gekkodox really deserves all the help!"

I'm glad I could help you! My help was only meant how to reduce your stress, but I'm really happy to read that it worked so well for you! :)

My 14 favorite games of all time are:
1. Super Mario 64 (N64)
2. Banjo-Kazooie (N64)
3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
4. Paper Mario (N64)
5. Mario Party 2 (N64)
6. Mario Kart 64 (N64)
7. Super Smash Bros. Remix (N64)
8. Bomberman Hero (N64)
9. Star Fox 64 [N64]
10. Luigi's Mansion (GCN)
11. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GCN)
12. Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)
13. Super Mario Strikers (GCN)
14. Super Smash Bros. Legacy (Wii)

My favorite console of all time is:
Nintendo 64 (Black/Grey, upgraded with 4 MB more RAM with the Expansion Pak)

My favorite controller of all time is:
Next Gen N64 Controller / Brawler64 (Grey, without Rumble Pak, I get heart attacks from rumble, I used to love rumble 😢)

My favorite authors of all time are:
The guys and girls who wrote all the amazing N64 instruction booklets and guides!

My favorite composers of all time are:
Thomas Bergersen, Grant Kirkhope and Koji Kondo

My favorite voice actors of all time are:

My favorite president of all time is:
Satoru Iwata

My favorite inventor of all time is:
Gene Dolgoff @FutureGene

My favorite Stream of all time is:
Kitten Rescue

My favorite TV Shows of all time are:
1. Spongebob Squarepants
2. Rocko's Modern Life
3. The Fairly OddParents
3. Hey Arnold!
5. The Angry Beavers
6. Disney's Recess
7. Jimmy Neutron
8. Recess
9. Kim Possible
10. Fillmore!
11. Sabrina's Secret Life
12. The Wacky World of Tex Avery
13. CatDog
14. Oggy and the Cockroaches
15. The Powerpuff Girls
16. What’s with Andy?
17. The Weekenders
18. Angela Anaconda
19. Goof Troop
20. Quack Pack
21. DuckTales
22. Count Duckula
23. Doug
24. Mr Bean: The Animated Series
25. X-DuckX
26. The Ren & Stimpy Show
27. The Secret World of Santa Claus
28. The FairyTaler - The Modern Classics of Hans Christian Andersen
29. Dinosaurs (Disney TV Series)
30. Dave the Barbarian
31. George of the Jungle
32. Donkey Kong Country (TV Series)
33. Camp Lazlo
34. Gravity Falls
35. Dexter's Lab
36. Adventure Time
37. Regular Show
38. Scooby Doo
39. Courage the Cowardly Dog

My favorite spring water is:
Volvic Gaensefurther Spring Water

My favorite weather is:
Every weather

My favorite season is:
Every season

My favorite color is:
Every color, especially Ocean Blue, GameCube Indigo and Jungle Green!

My favorite year is:

I would love to hear your favorites in the comments of my $1 Patreon Crowdfunding Video! 💕

You may wonder why 1998 is my favorite year? Well, it is the year where my family had many wonderful garden parties! And it was the best gaming year of the N64 for me with many good memories! What's your favorite console, controller, game, composer, voice actor, cartoon, entertainer, spring water, weather, season, color, year? Please tell me in the comments of my $1 crowdfunding video!

Since I got very chronically ill due to many wrong medical treatments, I made extreme amounts of research about the health of humans and animals. I'm also very knowledgeable when it comes to technology and PCs. If you need help, just ask! :) Feel free to send me multiple messages if I don't write back, I may have overlooked it, or forgot to reply. Or I felt too ill to write back. Just keep trying, I'm always glad when I can chat with you good people and to help you out even with the smallest worries and problems. If you think: "Nah, my problem is too small, I don't want to bother Gekkodox with that." No problem is too small for Gekkodox! I'm always listening and will write back, if my health allows it! The best way to contact me is on Twitter! :)

It all started in 2011. After I finished school and got my graduation, my doctor said I must gain weight because I was always very underweight. The cause couldn't be figured out. He said I must eat a lot of junk foods like hamburgers, french fries and ice cream from junk food restaurants, pizzas, sausages with ketchup and bread, milkshakes, chocolate, cakes, donuts, candies, drink soft drinks like cola, all the low quality foods and drinks that promote weight... and diseases. At this time, I didn't know that these foods can make me very ill. No doctor or teacher told me that. If I don't do this, he will force me to the hospital. After 2 years, I had strange feelings on my lower left abdomen. I felt extremely nervous, had anxiety, had a beating heart, it felt like I was dying. I told my mother that she needs to call the ambulance immediately. When they arrived, they made fun of me and my mother that we are overworried. In the hospital, the doctor couldn't find anything what's wrong with me, he said I´m crazy and that I should not waste his time and always be so worried. At home again, my condition got worse. I had chills, I couldn't eat anything for three days, I could only drink tea. A herbal pharmacist recommended me a specific one. I believe his tea saved my life. I lost even more weight rapidly. That even to this day, wasn't able to get back. I'm literally just bones and skin. But thankfully, my face still looks very beautiful and healthy, thanks to the extremely healthy diet I follow with a lot of cooked organic vegetables for breakfast, lunchtime and dinner. After some days, I recovered somewhat. But suddenly, I developed extreme Asthma. The medication that the doctor gave to me didn't do anything. After a few days the medication made it worse! In the patient information leaflet, it was written that the inhaler can cause respiration failure as a side effect. Great! At this time, I realized that no doctor can help me, at best they can kill me. I started to research desperately the internet with a permanent shortness of breath due to my extreme Asthma how I could finally breath again and to turn everything around. Basically trying to find the impossible miracle cure. And I succeed! After 6 months of extreme research, 8 hours a day, I found out about Nutritional Balancing Development Science! I finally found out what the correct foods are to eat, what supplements to take, and what to do to get my health back! And the progress shows, I don't have extreme Asthma anymore, only almost normal Asthma! A few years later, my grandmother talked with my old doctor who said that I must eat a lot of junk food. He said he was joking, he didn't mean it literally. The moral of the story, he has now cancer. He probably followed the diet plan he forced on me. It doesn't surprise me that he now has cancer. He also loved to go to bars and to drink alcohol. He also gave alcohol to one of his alcoholic patients at the bar! The patient is not alive anymore. She died of alcoholism. And these people have a medical license to treat people. He even has two big giant diplomas in his waiting room to show off that he is a very smart doctor who knows his stuff! He also gave me once some very toxic medication when I had extreme severe Acid Reflux. In the note it was written this drug should not be taken of patients who have Heart Disease! And I have Heart Disease! Thank god I read the note! Who knew what would have happened!

I think part of the reason why I got so ill is because I got quite often bullied in school by some of my teachers and some of my classmates. I was always very underweight, and often quite ill. So they bullied me, it seemed it satisfied them to bully someone who was weaker than them. They also bullied me because I am asexual. My very weak ill body would not handle any sexual activity anyway. I worried a lot if I can make it through the day without any bulling. I had no friends. That's why I'm also a very shy and a very sensible person. Always when I write something, I'm asking myself: "Is that ok? Can I really send it so?" How were you doing in school? I would love to hear your stories if you also got bullied in school or if you had a good time! That would really interst me! Write it in the comments of my $1 crowdfunding video!
Another reason might be, that 6 months before I got very ill, my father died of cancer. I got the notification after Christmas. I never met my father. He was quite a tyrant with his mother and his family. My mother had to save herself, with me as a 3 months old baby. Since this happened, 25 years ago, (2019) she never met him again. Even though my father was not such a good person, it's quite sad that I never met him. It hit my mother quite hard that he died and I never had the chance to see him in person.

In 2005 my grandpa died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. It was just frightening and extremely sad to see him that he had to suffer so much. No one really knows where he got the infection. We all had to go to a check up if we got infected too. Fortunately, that was not the case. A full Nutritional Balancing Science Development Program, with a near-infrared sauna shining on his chest would have helped him out tremendously. You can read more about the near-infrared sauna here: Sadly, at this time, I did not know about Nutritional Balancing Science. How could I, I was only a child who was around 10 years old with no Internet access. He was a very smart and fine gentleman. He was an amazing craftsman who always loved to cook and eat his very nutritious and delicious chicken soups. He is a great loss and only got 60 years old. You will be forever missed by my family and me. Funnily, he always visited me when I was in Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64! He also suffered of schizophrenia, because rogues smashed a big heavy gate on his head in his younger years. Since then, he always thought that the government is targeting him, that they poison specifically his milk he buys from the supermarket. But to be fair, he wasn't so wrong that milk is poisonous from the supermarket. But they do not target people specifically. Every milk from the supermarket is toxic due to the homogenization and pasteurization, so that the dairy industry can sell cheap milk from sick cows to make good profits. Dairy products should be always raw from the farmer of certified cows with the highest quality to be healthful. Boy would he have been happy if I told him that I found out he was right that milk from the supermarket is really toxic. He was also an extremely good swimmer! He was able to dive from the highest dive tower in his younger years! This is really, really impressive! Here is a picture of him, so that he will be forever honored and fondly remembered, my good awesome grandfather Klaus Theodor! :D

I would also like to mention my great grandfather Heinrich. He lost his life as a soldier in World War II. Not much is known about Heinrich in my family. But we know that some far related family members know more about him and even have pictures! My grandmother tries since some time to contact them. When she is successful, I will let you know here and upload a picture of him! I find that pretty interesting and quite mysterious! When I know more about him, I will upload a picture! So, keep checking back here! Let's hope my grandmother will have success soon! By the way, if your grandparents start a complete Nutritional Balancing Development Science Program immediately and very faithfully, it's very possible that they can get around 100 years old with good health!

How to reduce your biochemical and mental Stress:

Since I'm very concerned about you, here is some help how to reduce your biochemical and mental stress: First, get a blood test, get your thyroid checked, get an eye exam and order a Hair Mineral Analysis performed by Analytical Research Labs, Inc from Phoenix, Arizona to check your health. You can get this if you ask my practitioner Mr. Houghton. I can highly recommend him! He is a pretty cool, laid back guy. What sets him apart from others is that he also makes pretty good videos about Nutritional Balancing Development Science and about health in general. Check him out! Here is his site, make sure to not order the cheaper one, it is inferior: Here is a list of other helpers from all over the world: These are the most important tests that you must do for your health. Always cook with Volvic spring water and with a pressure cooker/instant pot! Never fry, toast, bake, grill or microwave your food! It creates very toxic chemicals called AGES that contributes greatly to your stress! Eat a lot of cooked high quality organic vegetables with high quality salt, the best salt is Hawaiian Bamboo Jade sea salt or Bad Reichenhaller AlpSalt with very high quality organic meats such as turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, or wild game such as venison, or sardines for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But only eat meat twice a day. You can also eat organic eggs, but only 6 a week for women and 8 for men. If you eat less eggs you will be malnourished, if you eat more it will be toxic for your liver. The eggs also need to be cooked lightly, with the yolk still runny, otherwise it will damage the nutrients. Eat beef once a week, and lamb also once a week. Only eat high quality red meat twice a week. If you have active cancer eat no eggs and no red meat. You can also eat some cheese or drink some milk if you wish. It needs to be raw, or at least organic. Never drink milk that is homogenized and pasteurized from the supermarket! This is a very toxic dairy product and should be banned! Always eat organic food! You don't want the antibiotics and pesticides in your body! And never eat any junk foods such as candies, cakes, cereals and other sweets that are even promoted for kids, which are "enriched" with vitamins and other toxic food chemicals! This behavior from the junk food industry should be highly illegal! Just one bite from that junk food can trigger a chronic disease! This happened to me after I ate noodles. And then everyone wonders why kids get cancer and other chronic diseases. A few streets away from my house, there is an ice cream shop. A lady enjoyed some ice cream with her husband. After the lady was done with her ice cream, she got a fatal stroke and was dead immediately. Eat healthy NOW, and not tomorrow! Tomorrow it can be already too late and you will be forever stuck with a chronic disease! Or worse, you can already be dead! Proper nutrition that is found in cooked organic vegetables and very high quality organic meats is very extremely important to have good health! Remember that nightshades such as tomatoes, paprika, peppers and potatoes are not vegetables, and are in reality fruits and are quite toxic and irritating to the body due to their solanine. You should avoid these foods, they don't promote healing and health and can aggravate symptoms if you have a chronic disease. Just look at Link from the The Legend of Zelda series! He also knows that eating a lot of cooked vegetables with salt from the mountains and very high quality meats makes him strong! If you are a vegetarian, please eat animal products! Otherwise you will get very deficient in many very important nutrients that you desperately need! If you do not eat very high quality organic animal proteins every day you are at very high risk getting severe chronic diseases! You can clearly see that in a properly set up hair mineral analysis. All vegetarians have a copper toxicity problem, because they can not balance their copper with bio available zinc that is found in high quality organic meats. And did you know that the Dalai Lama is actually lying about his plant based diet? And that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian too? You can read this and a lot more in Dr. Lawrence Wilson's excellent article about vegetarianism: Do not use cheap table salt! It is poisoned with aluminium and other toxins and it has no minerals that are so important for our health! And do not use Himalayan salt, it is not good and slightly toxic. Avoid margarine, it is very toxic contaminated with nickel and other toxins. Do not eat rice. All rice is poisoned with arsenic. Do not eat sea food. It's all contaminated with mercury except sardines, which are very healthy to eat. Sardines are also an excellent food source of Vitamin D! You must eat them 4 times a week but not more to not get a Vitamin D deficient! More sardines than 4 tins a week is too much Vitamin D. They are also an extremely good source of the Omega 3 fatty acids which are so, so important to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases! Avoid pork meat, it promotes inflammation and contains worm cysts and other parasites that even survive cooking. That's why it is forbidden in some religions to eat pork. They know that pork meat can make you sick. Completely avoid wheat products. Wheat is severely hybridized, very irritating and promotes inflammation greatly in the body. Fruits are very unhealthy. The reason for that is that fruits are loaded with fruit sugar, a toxic form of potassium and pesticides, have very unbalanced mineral ratios and have something what is described as yin energy in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and macrobiotics, which drives greatly inflammation in the body. Tropical fruits are the worst, they have the most yin energy. When I started my research how to get my health back, I believed the misinformed so called "health experts" and ate fruits. After that, I got a heart attack. Use high quality, raw or at least organic butter, but only a little bit. If you are a fast oxidizer, you need more high quality animal fats in your diet. Ask me on Twitter @Gekkodox if you want to know if you are a fast oxidizer. I can figure out your metabolic type. Always cook with a low temperature with Volvic spring water with a pressure cooker/instant pot amd with high quality cookware that costs around $150. It is really worth it! Your health will thank you for it! Drink spring water as your only beverage, only drink Volvic because it is the highest quality with Silicon, that is very useful to detoxify yourself of Aluminium and to maybe prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. The main contributor to these diseases is Aluminium! And guess what? Aluminium is found in every junk food such as candies, cakes, cookies, chocolate, bread and more! ( A small glass of freshly pressed organic carrot juice a day made with a juicer is excellent for your health, tastes very deliciously and is a lot of fun to make! It's very good for your eyes, liver and bones, due to the beta-Carotene and it's a good source of calcium. But be careful, some people get bloating from carrot juice, so only drink a little bit and slowly when you try it out for the first time.

You are what you eat!

50 reasons why you MUST eat massive amounts of cooked vegetables with a bit of high quality animal protein every single day to prevent and heal diseases!

Buy an electric Sonicare toothbrush! Buy the most expensive one you can afford! Maybe buy a cheaper one first, and later the most expensive one. It is just so, so worth it! It is incredible how clean your teeth will feel! Do not use a mouthwash, it is very toxic. Toothpaste has also many toxic chemicals that will damage your renals. Cleaning your mouth with a Sonicare toothbrush with spring water is the absolute best way to keep your mouth clean. Do not use conventional soap. It has toxins that can cause fatty liver disease. Use natural soap without any toxic chemicals. Avoid tap water, every tap water is contaminated with drug residues that are impossible to filter out. Always use spring water. Spend a lot of time outside, maybe make a trip to the forest. Walking in a forest is very relaxing and is very good when you are stressed. But don't forget to properly dress yourself! Otherwise you might get bitten of insects! But only go to the forest with at least two friends for safety. If you can't go to the forest because you are suffering of Allergies, buy a WoodyKnows Nasal Filter! The nasal filter will filter all the allergens that you breath in! You can also use the filter for air pollution, so that you won't breath in the toxic car exhausts if you walk on a street with a lot of traffic. The nasal filter will greatly reduce the risk of getting lung cancer and other respiratory diseases! Install the program f.lux on your PC! This fine little program filters out the blue lights out that your monitor emanates, that can damage your eyes. The huge improvement in eye fatigue is very noticeable! Press Alt and PgDn at the same time, or Alt and PgUp to further adjust your screen brightness! This is very important, so try that out! If you press Alt and End, you can disable the program. On your Android phone there is a similiar application called Dimly. This is highly recommended by me, it feels very good for your eyes! When you use your phone, always hold it far away from your head. The electromagnetic fields are not good for your brain, and can cause brain tumors. Keep your Wi-Fi at an absolut minimum in your home. Always use wired connections when possible. Disable all devices when you go to sleep. Sleep with your head toward the pole. This will enhance the flow of energy while you sleep. Gentlemen, sit while you pee if you have a diseased urinary tract. If you are healthy, it doesn't matter. Actually, if you stand while peeing, it boosts the self-esteem of the man. If you have an infection of any kind, use Arabesque/Sovereign Colloidal Silver, Athina Oregano Oil and Citrosept Grapefruit Seed Extract. Use these brands otherwise it might not work, other brands can be a lower quality! Make sure you mix Oregano Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract with olive oil! These things are extremely powerful and can save your life. These things saved my life once when I had acute appendicitis. Garlic is also excellent for infections. If you got a Sexually Transmitted Disease, paint the private parts of your body immediately with a lot of freshly pressed garlic juice! Remember that you can also get STDs from swimming pools, bathing tubes and even from door knobs, not just from sex, if you do not wash your hands carefully enough! Always wash hands very carefully! Chronic stubborn infections can only be resolved with a full Nutritional Balancing Development Program though. Do not waste your sexual fluids! This applies to both, to the gentlemen and to the ladies! These fluid are quite sacred, and contain many very important nutrients such as zinc that your body needs, and are difficult to replenish quickly with food! Wasting these fluids is not wise! Also, orgasms move etheric energy upwards! This is very harmful! Energy needs to move always downwards through your body for excellent health! Do Down Sex instead and the Roy Masters Pulling Down Meditation Exercise! If you overmasturbated recently, eating a bit more red meat, thrice a week, for a few weeks will help you replenishing these important nutrients! Doing no sex without fluid loss is an ancient, old secret trick to live longer! Down Sex is very healing though! Do the Roy Masters Pulling Down Meditation Exercise! Imagine you are standing under a waterfall, and the heavy water flows from your head all the way down under your feet! Just try to push very forcefully a lot of energy from your head to you feet! Do this every day for at least for 15 minutes. Better is 1 hour, even better are 3 hours or more! You can't overdo it! This is the best meditation exercise and will help you to clear your mind, stay relaxed and to stay focused! And it will accelrate your healing greatly! I do it everyday for about 6 hours. Have someone who is doing skin brushing, foot and hand reflexology for you! Skin brushing, foot and hand reflexology is very relaxing and feels very good. When my Asthma is worse than usually or my heart feels uncomfortable my lovely mother always treats me with skin brushing, foot and hand reflexology and I always feel better after that with more energy! Thank you mom I love you! 😊 With this little advice you can already improve your stress. If you got cancer the best possible way to treat and to cure it is with highly concentrated pancreatic enzymes with the Kelley Metabolic Program. Cheaper, less effective but still good alternative remedies are Cantron and Protocel. Here's another excellent article by my doctor Dr. Lawrence Wilson about cancer and its prevention. It's pretty interesting! I highly recommend you to read it!

I always wanted to contact Satoru Iwata, former president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. He had cancer at his bile duct. He had surgery, it didn't work and the cancer regrow. I always wanted to tell him about my research of cancer to help him. Since he is Japanese, he probably ate a lot of sea food and rice, and both are contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic! This probably triggered his cancer. I'm still sad to this day that I didn't contact him. Unfortunately I couldn't, because I was also fighting against death at that time. He had a great sense of humor, and his humor still lives on through my videos! He inspired me to make videos! Always when I record a new video, I think about him, and pray to the heaven that the angels shall treat him well!,P.htm

I'm also very sad that Robin Williams is not alive anymore. Hecould have been helped a lot if he got rid of his chronic manganese and lead toxicity! This is the main cause of Parkinson's Disease! main cause that I researched is eating raw pork meat, raw meat and pork meat generally also causes brain diseases and other diseases! The reason is these meats are all infected with viruses! Eating them causes a low grade chronic virus infection, that later causes diseases in your life!

Another great hero who lost the battle against his ALS is Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants. He was a true warrior! I wish could have helped him. The main cause of ALS is manganese toxicity! When the toxic manganese is removed from the body, the condition will improve with a correctly set up Development Program! Since he was very passionate about sea life, he maybe ate a lot of sea food. Unfortunately all sea food except sardines, which are very healthy, are heavily contaminated with heavy metals. This probably triggered his disease. Eat sardines 4 times a week and not more though! Eat them 4 times a week and not less for optimum nutrition and health!

And I can tell you a lot more how to improve your health, just ask if you are interested. :) We have to remember that the best cure for every disease is prevention.

By the way, I know a woman who can locate lost children with supernatural powers! If a child is lost, she can help! Contact me if you want to know more! :)

Also, I want to thank my very lovely mother who always cares about me, for always cooking my very high quality organic food, and for helping me when I need her, so a very huge special thanks to her! Without her help, I wouldn't have the energy to make these movies which take me months of tremendous amounts of work! But of course I take breaks, since I don't want to overwork myself. Thank you mom I love you, your help is very hugely appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️

Unfortunately my good mother is also ill with Adrenal Burnout and Depression. She can't keep up with all the cooking. This means I have to wait hours for my meals and feeling very hungry and very fatigued because it always takes so long. We can't use any leftover food from a previous meal to save time because I would get very bad Asthma from that, due to the histamine that will build up in the food after the cooking. My body can not handle that. That's why the disease is called Histamine Intolerance. She has to cook with a little stove that cooks the foods very slowly. We have no money to buy a better one.

I want to tell you this story how I saved the life of my mother in summer 2015. Suddenly, her left arm and both of her hand wrists felt numb, her carotids felt swollen and inflamed. She had anxiety with feelings of doom. It was obvious that a stroke or/and a heart attack was incoming. Luckily, due to the massive research I made for my multiple severe illnesses, I knew exactly what to do! I gave her some of my medicine that I extensively researched about my critical illnesses. I used the protocol that Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath invented to treat and even cure Heart Disease. Dr. Linus Pauling is the only person in the world who won two times the Nobel Prize by the way. I gave my mother 3g Vitamin C, 1,5g L-Lysine and 500mg L-Proline. Additional to this protocol, I gave my mother 100mg CoQ10 with Shilajit, 1g Trimethylglycin (TMG), 250mg Magnesium Citrat and extra Vitamin K2. And she immediately noticed a huge improvement! She took these supplements for 1 year, and was then completely cured and doesn't need to take these anymore! Even I was extremely surprised that it worked so incredible well! If the doctors wouldn't have made me so ill, I wouldn't have known about these supplements. Very bad things could have happened to my poor mother. So it was actually good that the doctors made me very ill! Now I just need to recover from my own severe illnesses, and everything would be good! When I have my health back, I want to become a Nutritional Balancing Development Science doctor or practitioner, so that I can help other people who also got very ill as me or my mother, where conventional doctors couldn't help them. And your support would help me to achieve that!

Also, my poor mother got captured and raped quite often in her younger years. When I have enough money, I also want put her on a Nutritional Balancing Development Science Program to heal her traumas and to improve her health. :) If you also got raped, I can help you! :) Here are two very good articles which explain how to heal rape very effective with a complete Nutritional Balancing Development Program:

Here is a picture of my wonderful, good caring mother! I love her so much!!😊❤️
This picture was made in 1996 when she was 28 years old, and I was only 3 years old! Good old times! It was in the Harz Mountains of Germany! We were pretty lucky to meet Laurel & Hardy there! :D What did you do in 1996? Please let us know in the comments of the Crowdfunding Video. We are really curious and are looking forward to your replies! :D

Also, I want to thank @GrantKirkhope and @CharlesMartinet for wishing my kind mother Sabine a Happy 51st Birthday!! :D They are so amazing!! :D Charles wished her a Hoppy Birthday in a Private Message!! :D

They also wished my best friend and $7.50 Patron @TheBifi from a Happy Birthday!! :D They are so amazing!! :D

Last, I would like to show you my grandmother Renate! She always buys me my Gaensefurther spring water and my organic chicken breasts and my 4 organic vegetables! It is often difficult for her to find high quality organic vegetables that I can eat. She often needs to race through my whole town with her bike to find them. Her current age is 72 (2020). I would like to see that she can easily reach 100, and with your help it could be possible! I would like to see that she can also do a Nutritional Balancing Development Science Program / Hair Mineral Analysis from Phoenix, Arizona to improve her quality of life! She feels dizzy sometimes and is overweight, the program could also help her so much! That's why your help is also needed for her! This picture was taken in 2006 at the Games Convention in Leipsic. I wanted to play the still unreleased Wii and get to try out the highly hyped Zelda: Twilight Princess. Unfortunately only reporters were allowed to do that. I was very disappointed. :( I played the highly praised Sonic 06 instead. 😂👌

Here is another one with Mama Gekko Sabine and with a random guy who decided that he also wants to show up on the picture! :D

Here I met the Messe Männchen of Leipsic! :D I also call it the Knack and Back Männchen, because it looks like a waffle! :D

Here I am with a Knödelfrau from Bayern! :D

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Here are some videos which I find pretty interesting::

Here are two other videos that are pretty amazing with master Mantak Chia:

A must watch presentation how sugar feeds cancer!

Last but not least, I want to show you the video intro that I made for my Hair Mineral Analysis Manager Mr. Houghton who always helps me to interpret my retests so that I don't have to make it. I made that intro, I think it turned out pretty good! Please sub to his channel, ring the bell, give him a thumbs up and write in the comments: "Greetings Mr. Houghton! Gekkodox send me! :D" I think that will make him smile and pretty happy! :D He even gave me a heart for the comment i wrote on this video! Click on "View all comments" on the YouTube site to view my comment that I wrote to him! :D

If you want to know more or need help, feel free to ask! I'm always very glad when I can help you! :)

You can also support me with cryptocurrencies. You will get the rewards too if you wish! 
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Greetings, with lotsa spaghetti 🍝 um I mean love ❤️, and with very kind, healthy and cute fluffy regards from Chiang Mai, Thailand,

👸 Mother turtle 🐢 Sabine, me 🦎 Gekkodox, my cute cat Futzi with her cute kittens called "Sir" and "Mr. Marta" 😺😸😼 Update: My cat Sir is lost. ;__;
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