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About Gene Lazo

Over the years, I've found it increasingly frustrating and difficult to get my photographic artwork seen. Gallery owners and curators are far more interested in art that is "correct". And commercially lucrative. For them. And now that I've begun to integrate that visual work with writing, there are even fewer avenues for that type of work to see the light of day. So, I've decided to bring my art directly to people who are interested in experiencing something different.

I've created a fine art photography magazine (Dead Tree in the Moonlight magazine) which is published once a quarter on high quality paper. It will consist of about 30 pages or so per issue. You can subscribe to this page for $5/month (or about $15 per issue) to get it delivered to your home mailbox. This is far more affordable than a vanity press book (which I've done in the past). There will also be exclusive content available on this page as I create it.

Please understand that $5/month comes to about 17 cents per day. I'm not going to get rich doing this. If I'm lucky I'll barely break even (after printing and mailing costs). But hopefully It will allow me to continue to create and to communicate with an engaged audience.

Please subscribe and help me make art what it was meant to be .... Comforting to the disturbed and disturbing to the comfortable. And spread the word.
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