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Since all of my works are free there isn't really much I can offer for tiered patrons. Although there is one thing you could influence, for this much you can send in suggestions for a piece of work (an anime, manga or movie preferably) for me to look at as a potential candidate for my next how I would rewrite blog post. If enough of you get on board I could even hold monthly votes to see what you guys are interested in. Don't say I'm not willing to listen!
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You get one request for me to create a short story about something from one of my works. A certain character, a location, a ship; I'll essentially create a canon fanfiction for you (canonicity of ships not guaranteed). Once it's done, it'll take the place of what would be the excerpt post for that week.




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Hello to all potential patrons!

I am a fantasy fiction writer who wants to make a living out of opening gateways to new worlds! Revealing realities that go beyond the logic of our own! But if I want to do that with all my energy, I need YOUR support! 

All I want to do is make people happy and if I can write a story or character that you enjoy then I'm satisfied. That's why absolutely everything I write is freely available to read from my blog;

I wish that I could do this without asking for anything in return but the only way I get to do this, the only work that I've ever found passion in, is with your support. I don't expect much but if everyone were to invest just a little bit then I'm certain I could cobble up enough to get by. Even if you can't donate that's fine, everything I write is freely available for a reason, but I would appreciate if you could at least pass my name to people you think would be interested.

Thanks for checking out this page!

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$8.84 of $2,000 per month
Big goal, I know, but with this much income per month I would be able to comfortably turn my fantasy writing work into my full-time job. Without worry or regret, I'd be able to do the thing I'm driven to do. It will take a long time to get there, a hard journey to be sure, yet the feeling of fulfillment if we're able to hit this goal would be indescribable. 
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