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Nice save fellow hero! Posts are not locked to patrons currently, so contribute however much or little you want. Supporting me will DIRECTLY help me continue to create content, art, and maintain our loving community. Whether you love the work that I do, or you respect me as an individual, you are my hero and the support means the world to me!
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  • Hero Hangout Discord access! Talk art, games, life, etc!




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About George Rottkamp

Welcome Patrons! I am George Rottkamp also known as GeoTheHero, here to create ART, play GAMES, and make FRIENDS for everlasting peace! Charitable heroes can use this page to contribute any amount of aid to strengthen the backbone of my design career, and push my stream/video content to new heights!

I am an Illustrator and Commercial Artist with a long life passion for Cartooning. I've spent many years pouring my heart and soul into a variety of projects, with client work ranging from comic strips and rendering (CollegeHumor / Drawfee), card game design (Venture Party), character creation, and content branding. However, I also like to pursue passion projects whenever circumstances allow.

I also LOVE to stream Video games and some Art, so I’ve been holding Hero Hangouts on Twitch to grow a community, as well as various videos on YouTube. For gaming, I tend to gravitate toward fast paced action games, but I like to throw curve balls in there every now and then. Whenever I have an art project, commission, or am improving the branding of my stream, I switch it over to Art streams. If you tune in, you’ll be able to see my process, as well as any thoughts I have when creating a composition, and even having input when I am open to ideas!

No matter the content, I love taking my audience on a journey to become a part of that world with me, and boldly go where no hero has gone before!

What Content Are You Supporting?

Illustrations / Design - Drawings, animation, design and experimentation. All in the pursuit of self-discovery as an artist, and to see how far I can push my career. Much of what I learn is used to improve my video content, and in any commissions that I receive.

Livestreams -
My weekly livestreams at GeoTheHeroLIVE on where I play action oriented video games, as well as create artwork for personal projects and commissions! We play many games ranging from Sonic, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Nintendo, and various indie titles. So don't be shy, come say hi and become a part of our growing community!

YouTube - Videos on the GeoTheHero YouTube channel of game previews, playthroughs, my drawing process, VODs, and collaborations. Expect me to GUSH about games I LOVE, and also have harsh opinions that keep games I love from being perfect!

How Does Your Patronage Aid Me?

Being an independent artist has it's challenges, and while it's possible for it to be sustainable with client work alone, it is often an uphill climb with several drop points. Sometimes life, part-time jobs, and unforeseen circumstances come out of left field, and having supportive heroes in your corner can really make a difference. And I promise that it will be used for the benefit of growing my content!

Any patron support will allow me to:
  • Experiment with new art techniques and programs
  • Create more passion projects, such as web comics and animation
  • Create fun illustrations/fanart that would usually be unpaid
  • Help me upgrade equipment with reduced costs
  • Improve my stream/video assets, and Discord community for maximum enjoyment
  • Purchase a bite to eat when energy reserves are low
Any amount is extremely generous and appreciated, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, and just know that you are a true hero to me!

Will Their Be Any Other Reward Tiers?

For now, there is only one tier where you can give as much as you'd like to support my endeavors. However, there may be additional Patreon Rewards someday. I just want to start off knowing that I can put all of my efforts into the content itself.

While I did think of some ideas, a simple tier is a smart way to get my foot in the door. Please let me know your thoughts on specific rewards that you would like to see, and maybe one day we can make it happen! All of my loyal patrons will be notified if that were ever to occur.

Want To Commission Me?

But maybe… just maybe, you are curious about a Commission? Well good news, because any commission work created can be featured here with the rest of my content, whether it's Icons, Stream Assets, Branding, Characters, Comics, Greeting Cards, Animation and more.

Just shoot me an email (Grottkamp(at)gmail(dot)com), or fill out the form on my website to talk about your project goals, and I’ll come up with an appropriate quote. So, if that’s what you need, THEN I AM THE HERO YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

My Continuing Mission!

I believe that we should all live our valuable lives trying to do what we love. That’s what I strive to do with my career, gaming, and spending time with my community of friends and heroes.

So let’s push forward together to accomplish all of our dreams, live life to the fullest, and strive for everlasting peace!

Much love, and I'll see you out there! <3

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I'll buy my wife and I a victory coffee! (maybe donuts too :-U)
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