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What do you get when you sign up?

That's right! no extra tier or charges to 'allow' you to sell prints. What comes out of your printer is yours. 

  • Instant access to the current months models, a huge starter pack of 30+ models

    After a period of 3 months subscription you are granted access to all the previous models released over the past 4 years. Yes, all of them (YES! Everything!) See the Facebook group link below  and check out the prints you will gain access to.

    BUT this doesn't mean if you sign up late in the month you need to wait 3 months! no, even if you sign up on the 31st of a month, that is still counted as 1 months membership!!

    Since you pay $10 to sign up, that is counted as a month no matter when you join -
    so effectively the later in the month you sign up - the less time you have to wait! its a win win for you.

    When you sign up, visit this post below to grab your starter pack:

Can I modify these models?
For your own personal use, not a problem. You cannot re-sell or share those modified files however.

Can I sell the prints from these models?
  • Sure can! All patrons are free to do so, what comes out of your printer is yours (and the sellers responsibility) There is no special Tier to "allow" you to sell prints, no extra fees, no royalties. Anyone selling prints on their Etsy store or similar are required to put in a Design credit for Hex3D, this is your only requirement. A link is not necessary, just a small note in your sale description.
    *Edit* This means if you are not an active patron then this does not apply and you are no longer authorized to sell prints.
  • Do not sell or share files from this patreon, doing so will lead to a lifetime ban. This is not optional. There is no second chance policy in this scenario, it's a lifetime ban from the patreon and facebook group.

How many new models per month?
  • Each month, 10-20 new models (sometimes more, depends how creative I feel that month :) will be uploaded .

    "What?? really? that many? "

    Yes. I work full time on this patreon, i'm here all day, every day :)
Accessing older models??
  • This patreon has been running for over 4 years. It gets hard to find things here sometimes so there is a separate archive server where you can access all of the previous releases dating back to the beginning - yes, all for the same monthly subscription. Information for that can be found in the following post:
All patrons new and old have Discord access and can vote in the member generated polls of what models should be done next along side my normal releases.



About Geoffro / Hex3D

Thanks for stopping by my page!
"My name Jeff!"

Born in the late 70's, my childhood can be described pretty easily.. A healthy diet of Sci-fi and horror movies and TV and comics  ...
Marvel, Starwars... Robocop, Arnie movies ... Alien,  The A Team... Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal... Short Circuit... Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Tron...and let's be real..if you ended up here, you already get it, so no need to list them all :)

(now.. you might have read that before. That's because for some odd reason other patreons think copy/pasting and using personal bio will help their patron? I don't know... it's funny because most of them were were born in the 90's ...)

#1 FAQ : " What sort of models are here already?"
Well, there's so many if I listed them below here you'd be scrolling for a while...

The best way to check out what models are available and what people are doing with them is by visiting the facebook group. We have a great community growing and for me its a lot easier to interact with patreons and updates to facebook pages are much less intrusive than a tonne of email notifications.

We also have a private server for members to access files and also they can chat there also, so there is plenty of avenues to reach out if you need assistance.

How Long have you been on Patreon?
As of November 2020, we will celebrate our 4th anniversay. We are at  probably 25 gigabytes of models now (and I could not say how many parts.. some of the larger projects have over 300 parts) 

I was releasing models on Thingiverse since I think it started or close to,  and all the free models in that time I released can be found here:

"How do you make so many models a month?? i'm on other patreons and they only release like 1-2 models per month?!!?! "

This is my full time job now.  I don't have to juggle patreon and work - Many patreons are not as fortunate with time or cannot quit the other job so they put in the time they have available, you just get more bang for your buck here.

I work approximately 120 hours a week on this patreon, usually 7 days a week with about 4-5 hours sleep each day with the very odd Sunday off.  Sounds mad,  I know - but when you enjoy what you do for a job - and you don't have bosses to answer to or tell you to go home (sure my wife gets a little cranky at me sometimes..) ...but for me it's very easy to put in 20 hours and not realize the Sun has risen and fallen and you are still working on the same model. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I get to see my family much more, i'm here in case there's an emergency etc (and considering the amount of snakes and spiders here that's never far from my mind !..) 

Plus, the more you put in, more you practice like anything you get better, so the more I work theoretically the models should get progressively better over time (I would hope anyway!!)

What sort of models can I expect?
Everything! no really, as much stuff as I can possibly make. From cosplay, busts, miniatures, scale figures, sci-fi, 80's movies memorabilia, Add-ons for 1:12 black series and 1:6 scale Hot toys figures... the list  is long and if it hasn't been done, if you ask for it, it will most likely get made.

Are you an 80's kid looking to print something from your old favorite TV show or movie? Well, there's that and more, so this may be the place for you!

Do I get access to all the old models released when I sign up?
You receive a starter pack with a heap of models, including a fully printable suit, busts, helmets and props - and of course all that months releases and so on.
After 3 months you are granted access to the archive where all previous models from the past 4 years are stored and you will be able to download them all.

When will I be billed?
As soon as you sign up you will be charged for the amount dependent on the tier you choose, and after that you will be billed at the beginning of each month. You are welcome to sign up for multiple Tiers (when or if they are made available etc) This subscription is pay-when-you-sign-up because you instantly receive access to so many files and believe it or not, people do try and cheat the system. Right now there is one Tier. That's it, its pretty simple.

(this one gets asked a lot..)
Can I Pay $30 to skip the queue and download all the models now?
Short Answer, No, sorry. Access to all the old files is a member benefit for staying subscribed for 3 patreon cycles and hanging around.All the members before you supported those models so its sorta fair and we are talking a lot of models here.

Can I sell the 3D prints I make from these models?
Yes - and I DO NOT ask for  additional funds or royalties nor do I have a "licence" tier here for people to sell prints.Please Note - Patreon or Myself, Hex3D Pty, Ltd hold no licensing for the presented fan-art found on this patreon service it is just that, fan art. All sales of printed models are ultimately that sellers responsibility.  I personally have dialled back my printing business to focus on the design side and do not sell anything physically printed from this patreon myself personally, that's your area :)

RULES: - (and there is only 2, so please read them!)

        Credit/ Attribution
  • If you are profiting from these prints the least I ask is a small credit.
    Yes you can use renders in your Etsy stores from here but I ask you to not crop or remove any logos from the image. (On a side note, photos of printed items do tend to sell better as we've seen)

    If you run an Etsy store and sell these prints, you must state the file was Designed by Hex3D, putting a link to the patreon or FB group is optional but if there is no credit you may receive a warning. You are not paying royalties or extra for a merchant tier, so it's a no-cost way for you to follow the rules.

    Sharing Files
  • DO NOT SELL, SHARE  OR REDISTRIBUTE THESE FILES (remember - Files.. not 3D prints,  (your 3D prints are yours to do with as you wish of course)

    This should go without saying. Sharing the files outside the patreon is only lessening the value of your own subscription. If caught, this will also lead to a permanent ban from this Patron.

Otherwise.... Welcome Aboard! Please enjoy your stay, do not hesitate to contact me on here or Facebook via the group (link at the top of this post)

Have fun and may the Force be with you and your printer(s).

3,859 of 4,000 patrons
Ok, so as I was sorting the 3000 reward we hit 3500.... so I do have something very special in store coming for May. I didn't think we'd hit the goals as soon as we did so I was a little unprepared lol...  but it will be something special I promise. And being a starwars month May... that should give you some indication.

Also we are at the point now where I will also be able to hire some help! Right now I do all the admin and modelling, i'd very much like to pass the admin side of things (getting galleries done, sorting user accounts etc) to someone else and focus more on the models! This position will be filled by Jay Neofitis who has been a gigantic help to the patreon over the past few years. Joining up as a regular patron he has spent countless hours at his own time and cost helping other members, already knows all the ins-and outs ,also admins the FB group and is also Admin on the members depot, so it was a natural choice.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 356 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 356 exclusive posts

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